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Guide cloud-flying heroes in this action-packed co-op adventure, set in the toy box world of Okabu.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: HandCircus
  • Developer: HandCircus
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    • Guide Kumulo, Nimbe and four cloud-flying heroes as they battle to save their world from the industrialized threat of the Doza. 
    • Dive into a colourful land packed with puzzles, playthings, adorable creatures and devious machines.
    • Share the adventure with a friend in an epic co-operative campaign spread across four distinctive worlds.
    • Enjoy endless fun with unique and compelling mini-games and compete with your friends online via PlayStation Network.
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    A tribe’s tale

    A menacing pack of creatures has taken over the land of Okabu. Smoke rises from the once luscious land, lakes and rivers run black and devious guards protect their ugly, industrial creations. Dressed in robotic suits and armed with missiles and bombs, the Doza have taken over.

    It's your job to control two magnificent Cloud-whales as they battle with the menacing Doza who are trying to ruin their land. Joining them will be four brave Yorubu warriors - Captain Monkfish, Picolo, Roki and Kat.

    Each of these fighters has their own reasons for joining battle. Captain Monkfish needs safe water to sail his boat, Picolo's farm has been destroyed by the Doza and Kat was lost in the clouds of pollution. Roki, on the other hand, is a Doza, but has seen the destruction that his race has caused and has turned against them in a bid to help the Yorubu tribe. With your help, this tiny tribe can defeat their powerful enemy and live in peace once again.

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    Enchanting environments

    Welcome to the land of Okabu, a once beautiful metropolis ravaged by the ruthless Doza. These troll-like brutes have invaded the native Yorubu's home, polluted their water and built hideous machines that are destroying the landscape.

    Okabu is split into four adorable worlds, each full of mischievous puzzles, enchanting creatures and cute playthings. Even when filled with pollution, Okabu is an absolute delight to explore - from the Tenori Village to the Karibu Valley, the game has an authentic tribal feel, enhanced by a wonderful African-inspired soundtrack.

    Small details are guaranteed to make you chuckle - cute Chicklets gobble up plants to make way for you, the charming and innocent Yorubu tribe speak the most obscure language, and plants and flowers are filled with goodies that earn you points.

    Okabu is a pretty big place, and it's easy to get lost. If one of your crew goes missing, fly around a sanctuary tree and your comrades will magically appear from the flowers.

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    Battle the devious Doza

    Join two brave Cloud-whales - Nimbe and Kumulo - as they team up with the Yorubu tribe and take on the machinery-obsessed Doza who are destroying their land. Your adventure begins in Tenori Village, home to many of the Yorubu tribe who possess astonishing powers - let one of them jump on your back and press the Circle button to see them in action. Captain Monkfish can drag objects with his harpoon, Picolo is able to guide creatures with music and Doza traitor Roki can control the machinery of the enemy.  

    Solve stacks of puzzles using the skills of the Yorubu warriors and the Cloud-whales. Work as a team and utilise each character's different abilities: shoot water to destroy mechanical Dozabots as either of the whales, collect bombs and open doors as Captain Monkfish or gather allies with Picolo's pipe.

    Okabu isn't just about taking down the hideous beasts; it's also about rebuilding the land and restoring it to its former glory. Water the plants, clear out polluted lakes and clean up oil spills to bring this quirky world back to life. There is so much to do in each level - even when the Doza are defeated, you can collect loads of objects, hunt for hidden eggs and leave the world looking beautiful once again for the Yorubu tribe. Simple controls combined with the toy box world make Okabu accessible and fun for players of all ages.

    On top of the four action-packed worlds you can take part in wacky mini games. Go on a Bushybeast Rampage with Captain Monkfish, try your hand at herding goats with Picolo and discover many more cheeky challenges.

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    Two whales are better than one

    It's easy enough to swap between Nimbe and Kumulo in the single player mode by pressing the Triangle button. However, if you don't fancy taking on the Doza by yourself, get a friend round and let them join in the Okabu action. Teamwork is essential, and much more fun, when you've got a friend nearby.

    Each of you can control your own Cloud-whale and the pair of you can work together to solve puzzles and eliminate the Doza - they won't know what's hit them when two whales are on their tail. As for the Yorubu tribe, you can each pick a warrior to ride on your back and use their powers to complete challenges and enter new areas.

    Glide through the four different stages together, rebuild the world and make a safe home once again for the Yorubu people.

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