Killzone™ 2

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  • PS3

Enter the most fearsome theatre of war you've ever seen.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Guerrilla
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    • Experience realistic, highly atmospheric and destructible environments that respond dynamically to the violent conditions on the planet Helghan
    • Control an arsenal of new and unique weapons and vehicles, in addition to trusty Killzone classics such as the M82-G and the StA-52 LA
    • Engage in an extensive single player campaign and thrilling multiplayer mode

    You will no longer be able to use the online features for this title from 29th March 2018

    Killzone 2 screenshot

    Killzone 2 aims to blow you away

    The winds of war are blowing in your direction as Guerrilla Games brings the colossal Killzone 2 to PlayStation 3. The Helghast are ready for the fight of their lives - are you?

    The time has come. Killzone 2 throws you into a massive battle which sees you take centre stage in an invasion of the hostile planet of Helghan. Your mission? To enter behind enemy lines, defeat the hostile Helghast army and capture its leader, Emperor Visari. However, it's not just the deadly Helghan war machine you're fighting against - how do you win a war when the whole planet itself seems to be against you?

    Taking the fight to you

    The answer comes with the game's impressively huge scale. The word epic doesn’t quite do justice to Killzone 2. From its spectacular filmic opening which has the game's lead antagonist Visari declaring "the histories of these days will be written in blood" in preparation for war, to size of your task once you pick up your weapon and enter the conflict, everything is larger than life.

    Barely minutes into the game, you're dropped into a hectic battlefield, finding yourself surrounded by lightening storms, screaming teammates, bullet battles and hordes of the vicious Helghast, looking to put you down deep into their home soil.

    As intense as it is, this is the perfect introduction to the movie-like experience of Killzone 2. Control hints and other essentials are unobtrusively integrated to the gameplay, never taking you too far from the on-screen action - and should you ramp up the difficulty level, all of these things, including your ammunition counter, are removed from the screen only leaving you with the glory of its immensely detailed High Definition visuals and a challenging fight on your hands. 

    Are you experienced?

    Killzone 2 prides itself on offering an extrasensory experience. Motion controls are used for certain tasks, which keeps your interaction fun and involving, from turning a wheel to keeping your sniper's sights steady. The viewpoint is always dynamic, offering a realistic first person perspective on your adventure, also getting bloodied and grey to compliment the muffled sound effects when you're about to expire.

    Enemies are super intelligent, trying their best to harm you and also refusing to come out of cover needlessly unless forced. Blood marks on your screen tell you the direction you're being fired upon from, and there's even a specific sound for your ammunition clip when it's nearly empty - something utterly necessary to pay attention to on the higher difficulty levels.

    Everything is designed to make you more tactical and aware in the way you progress. Running out into the open and blindly blasting will only result in a very quick and sticky end complete with vocal laments from your cohorts, whereas taking cover, picking your shots and working with your numerous teammates will ensure survival.

    "A gift from the Emperor"

    There are lots of things going on around you in the game, and you're not just the focal point of it all, as armies fight each other with our without your input, making it as interesting to watch as it is fun to play. With the high production values, dramatic aural score, stunning set pieces and Artificial Intelligence which keeps the fights fresh each time you engage them, Killzone 2 is all about creating moments that make it so utterly memorable and entertaining long after you've completed it.

    And even when you have run its length in the large single player campaign, the comprehensive multiplayer option (which supports up to 32 players online) offers a blistering array of modes, player classes to mix and match allowing your character to have certain abilities, and more. Better yet, vast customisation options allow for a large degree of the game to be tweaked to your desire, from weapon types to the number of excellent Artificial Intelligence controlled bots you put in the game.

    There's a lot to enjoy in Killzone 2, from both a quality and quantity perspective. Deep, involving and rewarding, this is a title for anyone who loves their games big, loud and utterly immersive. Ever wanted to be the star in your very own sci-fi action movie? Killzone 2 puts you well and truly into the fire-filled spotlight.

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