Gravity Rush™

Enter the mystical city of Hekseville and discover your gravity defying powers.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Sony Japan
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    • Take part in an epic adventure with abilities that use the PlayStation Vita system's unique control methods.
    • Manipulate the forces of gravity and 3D space.
    • Enjoy an original graphic style modelled on Japanese and European animation. 
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    The G-force

    Once thriving and confident, the city of Hekseville is now shrouded in fear. A huge, dark presence towers over the city and what’s more, entire neighbourhoods are being snatched away – homes, possessions, families and all.

    Against this backdrop of chaos, you play as Kat, a young girl struggling to make sense of her own past. As storms rage in the skies above Hekseville, amnesia clouds Kat's memories. As the stricken city fragments and its citizens demand answers, Kat must quickly come to terms with the incredible power awoken within her.

    Gravity is now a force she can bend at will. Or rather, something her mysterious companion, Dusty the cat, can shift. As the townsfolk come to recognise this other-worldly power, they begin to place their fate in Kat’s hands – and with every call for help, she moves a little closer to answering the extraordinary questions thrown up by her strange predicament.

    What has happened to her? Why has this enigmatic feline chosen Kat as a gravity shifter? And who commands the sinister forces wreaking havoc across the city? In Gravity Rush on PlayStation Vita, brave the coming storm to discover the exhilarating truth.

    Gravity Rush screenshot

    Red sky at night

    Wonder gives way to trepidation in the world of Gravity Rush. Towering arches, hotchpotch streets and clanking, mechanical airships create a sense of steampunk charm, yet overhead the brooding gravity storm casts its dingy light over the scene.

    It’s a land you’ll want to explore for hours, and thanks to your amazing ability to flip the world around you to suit your needs, you can do just that. Cel-shaded visuals give the world the look of a quirky, scratchy painting brought to life – and even in the city of Hekseville’s darkest hour, you’ll never fail to be mesmerised by its palette of smoky reds and vibrant yellows.

    Heightening the sense of graphic-novel drama, every conversation plays out as a comic book strip which you can study from every angle thanks to the motion sensor of your PS Vita. Its touchscreen acts a window on the world that you can grasp with both hands and manipulate for the best view.

    The same goes within the game world itself, and whether you’re launching yourself through the air at impossible angles or simply taking in the breathtaking view, you’ll be getting a perspective that’s only possible with PS Vita.

    Gravity Rush screenshot

    Turn your world upside down

    Boundaries no longer exist to you in Gravity Rush. Go anywhere, however you choose with Dusty the cat beside you. All you need to do is summon up the courage to pick any point to aim for, and leave normality behind you. Or below, above, even in front of you.

    Hekseville is yours to explore at will, although some sectors will only become accessible as you complete story missions. Home is a disused sewer, your streets are other people's ceilings and dotted all around are side missions and precious gems which improve your gravity skills and powers of attack.

    Squeeze the R button and you are lifted into the air. A target sight then appears on-screen - aim this at your destination, and hit the R button again to glide through the skies. Leap at walls, roofs, even the undersides of bridges, or hover above the city. The only limit is your gravity gauge; when this runs out, you'll be returned to earth with an ungainly bump.

    Gravity control shines when you take on the Nevi, the shadowy creatures terrorising the city. Launch yourself at them from distance like a human missile, attack them on the ground, hurl objects using a stasis field or tear them apart using special moves such as the Spiral Claw.

    Have you ever experienced the incredible sensation of falling upwards? Or tumbling feet first onto the side of a building before leaping off into the unknown? Now you can - and it's wonderful. Redefine the laws of gravity to save a city and discover your own past. Play the senses-staggering Gravity Rush on PS Vita.

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      Dual Analog Sticks

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      1 Players

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    Gravity Rush™

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