• PS3

Stop a global arms race from spinning out of control.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Insomniac Games
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    • Answer the call from the CIA after a volatile energy source called Fuse falls into the wrong hands.
    • Join up to three friends in team-based, co-operative play as you take down the rogue paramilitary corporation behind the theft.
    • Use lethal teamwork, co-ordinate devastating attacks and provide cover for one another using an array of weapons and gadgets.
    FUSE screenshot

    Refuse to back down

    With orders from the CIA to secure a volatile energy source, four elite combat specialists head to the top secret Hyperion Base. It's not long before things take a turn for the worse as the mysteriously silent bunker houses more than just scientists.

    Fight through swathes of enemies as you journey deeper into what soon becomes apparent is a research lab less focussed on energy, and more on advanced weaponry.

    Take down turrets, mechs and anything else firing hot lead in your general direction to find four very special Fuse-infused weapons. With your new superpowered gun in your hands, it's time to melt, explode and crystallize anyone that looks remotely hostile as you take on a rogue paramilitary organisation hell-bent on global domination.

    FUSE screenshot

    The four musketeers

    Fuse introduces a team of four elite agents, each with an experimental weapon that harnesses the power of Fuse. You'll soon find that the banter between the characters can be just as cutting as their weapons.

    Dalton, as the leader of the group, is keen to toe the line - following orders to the letter and never breaking from the mission. Armed with the Magshield, his fearlessness leads him to meet most situations with pure aggression.

    Isabelle "Izzy" Sinclair is the brains of the crew. With a background as an intelligence broker, if there's a computer that needs hacking she's just the gal for the job.

    Jacob Kimble used to be an LAPD homicide detective. Sick and tired of the bureaucracy of law enforcement, he joined the team for more action and less paperwork.

    As the former member of the very same mercenary group you're fighting against, Naya Devereux's loyalties are complicated. With perhaps the darkest past of all four team members, Naya's experience as a stealthy assassin can be put to excellent use against waves of bad guys. Get up close and personal to see some impressively acrobatic takedowns.

    FUSE screenshot

    Infuse co-operation

    Take control of all four characters, each with a unique, Fuse-empowered weapon and their own strengths and weaknesses. Playing solo you can switch seamlessly between your squad mates to adapt to any situation. Freeze a row of oncoming enemies with Izzy's Shattergun before switching to Naya, marking each enemy with a spray of bullets and sucking them all into a black hole.

    Spending the points you accumulate by defeating your enemies will grant you new abilities. The skill system for each character allows you to customise your team to suit your style of play. Increase the power of your sidearms or supercharge the Fuse weapon of each character to really pack a punch.

    Fuse comes into its own when you bring your friends along. Pair up with a buddy in local co-op or join up to three friends via PlayStation Network to deliver Fusey carnage on an epic scale.

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