Far Cry 3

  • PS3

Go beyond the limits of civilization on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Ubisoft
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    • Explore a lawless, tropical island ruled by piracy and human misery.
    • Discover the island's bloody secrets and outwit its ruthless and desperate inhabitants.
    • Take the fight to the enemy by improvising and using the environment to your advantage in order to survive.

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    A far cry from home

    Far Cry 3 on PlayStation 3 starts off like a reality TV holiday show with cliff jumping, speedboat rides and skydiving. The heaven of sun, sand and surf swiftly turns into a hell of blood and dirt as the characters are kidnapped and held for ransom by brutal pirates.

    It's only fitting that a game set on a tropical island captivates you from the start with its beauty. The luscious plant life and gorgeous scenery transport you to a land which is dangerous yet dazzling. Dizzying heights carry the reward of incredible horizons, where mountain peaks and deep waters await exploration. And as day turns into night and back again, you're greeted by gorgeous sunsets and the eventual dawn.

    The characters of Far Cry 3 are equally treated to lovely touches of detail. Youthful good looks are mixed with haunted facial expressions as you meet a variety of people in this adult adventure. Just as important are the animals which roam the land, seeking unwary prey. You'll learn to fear a tiger's roar or the chilling hiss of a Komodo dragon. Paying attention to the sounds of the island is vital, whether it's to locate the deadly chatter of gunfire or know when you're about to attacked by wild boar. Keep your ears open and your eyes locked on the screen at all times.

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    Lose yourself

    Survival is the one thing you have to master in Far Cry 3 on PlayStation 3 - and you'll need to be at your best. Stuck on an island full of dangerous pirates, you must step into the shoes of an escaped holidaymaker, free his friends and family from captivity, and leave this paradise-turned-deathtrap.

    With some guidance from a local tribe, you will swiftly learn how to keep your head when everyone else is trying to remove it. Swap party cocktails for Molotovs, stay low and out of sight in long grass and make use of your weapons as you shoot and sneak your way through a variety of missions.

    Your objectives range from taking over outposts to hunting bounties, and the island is free to explore whenever you want. However, don't forget that your main task is to rescue your loved ones - and for that you need even more than just rifles, pistols and the occasional hand grenade.

    Start by activating radio towers to increase the imported weaponry you can buy and also chart the island on your map. Plot a route to your next objective and instantly travel to any safe houses you may have already unlocked. The map also marks the vegetation of the island, which you can harvest to restore health and grant temporary abilities, such as being able to locate enemies quicker or becoming immune to fire.

    Remember, the island is alive and you must stay alert. Danger is everywhere, and as day turns to dusk, watch out for the creatures of the night. Beware of wild dogs, leopards, snakes, bears and even vicious sharks looking for an easy meal. Hunt them to create handy storage items or even herd them into the pirates and watch nature take its lethal course. Anything can happen in Far Cry 3 and you're right in the thick of it...

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    Become trouble in paradise

    You may have survived being eaten alive in Far Cry 3's thrilling single player story, but can you live through Far Cry 3's intense and action-packed multiplayer modes? Prepare yourself by taking part in the varied challenges and trials in the story mode, where you can compete for a place on the global leader boards. Can you take out dozens of enemies with just one weapon during a timed sequence? How about racing through checkpoints to deliver supplies within a strict time limit?

    If you're not quite ready for the competitive waters, grab up to three other buddies and try the co-op mode. Set six months before the main story, you will take up arms on the deadly island in six challenging levels. Communicate with your mates to outwit the pirates and execute daring raids that you'll be talking about for weeks afterwards.

    Choose from a variety of team based and free-for-all modes, customise your equipment and seek out your targets. For example, in Firestorm mode you have to set fire to the opposing team's supplies, while Transmission has you racing across the map to destroy enemy transmitters as you defend yours.

    If you're feeling creative, you can also design your own stages with the Map Editor. Build your own little piece of paradise, complete with roads, weather and wildlife. Then use your masterpiece as the latest multiplayer map for you and your friends to dive into.


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