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Experience a whole new level of fear on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: Day 1 Studios
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    • Play as Point Man, a genetically enhanced soldier with superhuman reflexes and the ability to manipulate time, or Paxton Fettel, a paranormal entity who possesses incredible psychic powers.
    • Battle hordes of sinister and fantastical creatures using an array of weapons and supernatural abilities.
    • Legendary horror film director John Carpenter and horror writer Steve Niles provide their expertise and guidance to take F.3.A.R.'s intensity to horrifying new heights.
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    Masters of horror

    Turn off the lights, crank up the volume and prepare yourself for one of the most terrifying experiences of 2011. Welcome to the pulse pounding world of F.3.A.R. on PlayStation 3. This third instalment in the acclaimed horror series takes place nine months after the explosive events in F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin.

    In this frightening new tale, you take on the role of Point Man, star of the original F.E.A.R. and a genetically enhanced super soldier, who must stop your demonic mother, Alma Wade, from giving birth to a child that could destroy all mankind. Thankfully, you won't be alone on this deadly descent into the depths of madness; you'll have the spirit of Point Man's dead brother, Paxton Fettel, assisting you on your mission.

    F.3.A.R. features a gripping storyline that has been crafted by two of horror's most famous names. The first is master of the macabre, John Carpenter, the director behind classic tales such as The Thing and Halloween, and the second is Steve Niles, author of the comic book 30 Days of Night.

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    Blood brothers

    In F.3.A.R. on PlayStation 3 you play as Point Man, wielding a variety of weaponry such as machine guns, pistols, shotguns and grenades. Controlling Point Man is simple: use the left stick to look around and the right stick to move.

    You can perform a melee attack by pressing the R3 button down and sprint by holding the L3 button down on your wireless controller. Once in possession of a weapon, press the L2 button to aim and the R2 button to shoot. Now you're ready take on the hordes of trigger happy enemies out to destroy you - and there are lots.

    Opponents in F.3.A.R. range from armed soldiers wielding a devastating array of firepower to hideous monsters that scurry along walls and claw at your flesh. Thankfully you have the ability to slow down time by pressing the Triangle button on your wireless controller.

    Slowing down time is ideal for launching surprise attacks on large groups of enemies, or if you find yourself in a tight spot. For example, if an enemy throws a grenade at you, simply press the Triangle button to slow down time and escape the blast radius.

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    Spreading F.3.A.R. online

    F.3.A.R. features both an offline and online co-operative campaign mode that can be played via split screen on one PS3 system or online via PlayStation Network. You can control either Point Man or Paxton Fettel throughout the entire campaign mode. Playing as Point Man requires a fast trigger finger, while taking on the role of Paxton Fettel means you'll have to assist Point Man by using telekinesis, stun and even possession.

    Alongside the co-operative campaign mode in F.3.A.R., multiplayer includes Soul King, Contractions and Soul Survivor. In Soul King you're pitted against up to three other players as ghastly creatures of the night that can possess the bodies of zombies and soldiers on the battlefield. The goal is to take possession of a zombie or soldier and turn their weapons on your opponents. Downed enemies drop souls, and souls mean points. Collect enough of them and you win the round.

    In Contractions, you and up to three other players must battle wave after wave of enemies from a single location. The longer you survive, the more points you gain. One of the most enjoyable multiplayer modes in F.3.A.R. is Soul Survivor. Here, one of you is randomly chosen to take on the role of a ghost that can possess the others who play as soldiers. The task is simple: turn your opponents into zombies before the timer runs out.

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