Eat Them!™

  • PS3

Destroy cities, eat people, smash your friends and unleash your beast.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: FluffyLogic
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    • Build your unique creature in the Monster Lab and go on a monster mash, causing as much damage to the city as possible.
    • Power your rampaging beast's weapons and abilities by eating the city's inhabitants.
    • Enjoy bonus missions, multiplayer modes and global leaderboards to maximise your monster madness.

    Eat Them Gamescom 2010 screenshot

    It lives!

    Inspired by the wave of monster films such as Godzilla that reached its peak in the 50s, and with an added dash of Hammer Horror, Eat Them! lets you control a series of towering monsters as they smash, crash and munch their way across a number of cityscapes and wraps it all up in a distinctive and colourful comic book art style.

    As disgraced government scientist Dr Wilder, your aim is to wreak havoc on the city that spurned you by assembling your monster and unleashing it on the terrified citizens of the city. And since the monsters are people-powered, these good folk had better watch themselves because the more you progress, the more people-eating you’ll need to do to keep the beast going.

    Once you hit the city streets, there is a wide range of buildings, vehicles and more for you to unleash your wanton destruction on; and best of all, there are heaps of pesky humans for you to snaffle up and gobble from pesky civilians running for cover to the meddling security forces intent on stopping you in your tracks.

    Head over to PlayStation Store now to unleash your inner monster and embark on your very own mission of ultimate destruction.

    Eat Them screenshot

    Monster mash

    Following a brief tutorial, you assume full control of the monster as Dr Wilder, before proceeding to cause as much damage as possible to unlock the first set of missions. In keeping with the comic book theme that runs throughout the game, these are presented as a series of chapters spread across eight themed comic books and include Maximum Destruction, Race and Bonus missions, where your aim is to chomp your way through as many humans as possible in the allotted time.

    As you progress through Eat Them!, the missions become more varied, so you’ll find yourself laying waste to the prison compound one moment to set the prisoners free, before escorting them to freedom the next.

    All the while, you’ll need to contend with the military and police who are out to stop you, as well as stocking up on your life-giving energy – people! – as to achieve the best scores and the best times you’ll need to balance completing your mission with keeping your monster alive.

    Before you get started, you visit the Monster Lab to view available monsters or create your own. Take your pick from the wide range of body parts and weapons available, then once you get going keep your eyes open for more monster parts that you can use to upgrade your creation later on in the game.

    As well as online leaderboards where you can see how your city-smashing and people-gobbling exploits stack up against other Eat Them! players, you can team up with up to three friends on one PS3 system for the ultimate city-levelling carnage spree in any of the missions you have unlocked in the single player game.

    Only puny humans stand in your way. You must crush them, you must destroy them, you must Eat Them!

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