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  • PS3

Wreak havoc in an over-the-top fragfest.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: EPOS game studios

    In CRASH COMMANDO, two arch-enemy commando factions fight it out for world supremacy. It's a frenetic game with over-the-top action and exaggerated effects.

    Featuring a massive arsenal of weapons and special moves, it combines the explosive gameplay of modern shooters with the accessibility of classic side-scrolling games, and throws online multiplayer into the fray for good measure.

    • Take the fight to the enemy on foot, in tanks, buggies, and even your trusty jetpack.
    • Train in the 1-player boot camp, before taking on other soldiers online or co-operate in team gameplay.
    • Register your high scores on the leaderboard and earn trophies to display in your PlayStation Network profile.
    Crash Comando Feature

    A Crash smash

    Smash into Crash Commando and discover why side scrolling shooters will have to rearm and reload after the arrival of this.

    From the very start, Crash Commando offers a decidedly different deathmatch experience. Its deceptively cartoony style visuals, planted within a two dimensional plan may indeed trick you into thinking it's less brutal and manic than it really is. And that's part of EPOS Game Studios title's beauty.

    Crash, bang wallop

    Boiled down to the bare essentials, Crash Commando is a 2D blaster. With two warring commando factions at each other's throat, you pick one, select a myriad of weapons and get to do what commandos do best - eliminate the enemy.

    Of course, there's more to it than just that. Like the multiplayer function of many first person shooters, Crash Commando is all about deathmatches - stalking your many opponents around an arena and effectively shooting them until they fall over. Or in this case, spectacularly explode.

    In taking the appearance of a cross between a 2D side scrolling platformer and shoot 'em up, the title is immediately playable and easily recognisable, looking friendly enough to draw in anyone thanks to its ironically disarming and classic styled visual charm. You bounce and bundle around a number of environments and wipe out the opposition with a selection of well balanced weapons, including a shotgun and rocket launcher.

    "We come in peace... shoot to kill"

    This accessibility is complimented by the use of both left and right sticks on the Wireless Controller, one for moving, the other for shooting. It makes for a quick and intuitive control experience, coupled with buttons for jumping (as a short term jetpack boost) explosive and projectile attacks.

    Even the 2D elements give way to a more three dimensional aspect as you can take control of gun turrets which put you into a first person viewpoint to blast your foes. You can also duck in and out of the levels' gateways to access other areas around each arena, and even see the action in those parts taking place in the background, so you're rarely travelling blind and only have yourself to blame if you step into a veritable warzone.  

    Typical weapons aren't the only thing of use in your pursuit of destruction - there are also a number of vehicles too. Jeeps and tanks can be driven into the action, useful for protecting your character as you shoot enemies and run them down.

    Going Commando has never been so much fun

    With team and capture the flag style modes, up to 12 players simultaneously online and a host of computer controlled bots that put up a nice offline challenge in the absence of friends, Crash Commando is frenzied, laugh out loud fun. The platform deathmatch dynamic works well and it adds freshness to the genre that's irresistible. Take command and give yourself an experience that's sure to leave you shaken by its excellence.

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