Buzz! Junior: RoboJam

Cheeky fun has returned in robot form for Buzz! Junior loving boys and girls (and a few mums and dads too).

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Magenta
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    Buzz! Junior: RoboJam features four cute robots competing in a number of ridiculous and funny challenges to become Robot of the Month. You'll need quick reactions in order to help them battle their way through a hilarious collection of great new games.

    These include dodging the rockets of top military droids on the firing range, becoming crash test dummies for the day, and dancing the night away with an enormous singing alien octopus.

    The hapless robot pals compete against each other in an every-bot-for-himself competition. Gain the greatest number of nuts for your robot by the end of the challenge to win!

    When less than four players are available, or even when only one person is playing, Buzz! Junior: RoboJam, allows players to participate in the full 4-player mode and have the most possible fun.

    • 1-4 player Buzzer bashing fun, select from four Robots which have different colours and characteristics
    • 25 great games giving even more Buzz! Junior humour (all with a whiff of diesel oil)

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    Give your friends a buzz

    First monkeys, now robots? It's time for even more Buzzer bashing in the latest instalment in the Buzz! Junior series

    How could the frantic monkey action of Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party be topped? By blasting the action into space and introducing a cast of cheeky robots, that's how.

    Space is the place
    The gameplay retains the familiar Buzz! Junior magic with a series of wacky and fun mini-games. You and your friends can grab the Buzz! Buzzers and choose one of four different coloured robots who live on a space station in a far off galaxy, and take part in some crazy challenges.

    The games on offer are just as impressive as Jungle Party, ranging from Pillow Fight, where the room is plunged into darkness and you have to whack the other robots with pillows, to Octo-Beat where you have to match the beat of a singing space octopus to avoid falling in an acid pit, right up to Crazy Cook, where you have to eat beans and expel... ahem... waste gas without the robot chef seeing you. The games all retain the cheeky humour of Jungle Party but with a fun sci-fi twist running throughout.

    Science friction
    Multiplayer is where RoboJam really shines. Each of the games is so simple to pick up that anyone can play, and do so competitively, regardless of whether they play games regularly or not - even Mum will want to have a go! The advanced ‘Smart Bot' AI gives players a really rich multiplayer experience even when there's no one around to play against while a good mix of chance and skill based games really bring out a competitive edge as you strive to beat your friends and be robot number one. While RoboJam is aimed at kids, it is ridiculously enjoyable for adults as well, and is one of those games that can be enjoyed by a family gathered round the PlayStation 2 at Christmas as well as a group of friends getting in from a night out.

    RoboJam has a great visual style with each of the levels carrying on the wacky sci-fi theme with colourful, crazy backgrounds full of quirky space monsters, bubbling lava pits and mad machines, along with expressive characters and hilarious animations. The music is a mix of sci-fi bleeps and synths that creates a suitably futuristic feel, and it's all capped off with some great voice-over work and sound effects from your robot buddies. Chances are you'll be too busy diving off lava mountains or running full pelt with a canister of highly unstable nuclear waste to notice though.

    Packed full of cheeky humour, hours of buzzer bashing opportunities and great games, Buzz! Junior: RoboJam is brilliant fun for everyone with almost infinite replay value. If you're looking for a top multiplayer experience to share with your friends then look no further - let the robot rumble begin!

    Be sure to visit the official site at: for great competitions, downloads, games and loads of mechanised mayhem online!

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