Buzz!™ Junior: Monster Rumble

PlayStation Exclusives
  • Also on PS3

Fingers on buzzers for some monster mayhem.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: FreeStyle Games
  • Also on PS3

Following the success of Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party and Buzz! Junior: RoboJam, Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble is the third title in the critically acclaimed Buzz! Junior range of titles.

Play as one of four mischievous monsters as you explore the Monster Mansion causing chaos. These out of control monsters have been created by a mad professor and have escaped from the lab.

All the monsters wish to be top dog but there is only room for one at the top in the Monster Mansion. The monsters must therefore take part in a series of games to determine the winner.

  • Have a beastly good time with 25 rib-tickling games
  • Have fiendish fun creating your own monster
  • Under 4 players? Take on computer-controlled monsters
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Big fun for little monsters

Take control of four mischievous monsters in Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble for PlayStation 2.

The third game in the Buzz! Junior series on PS2 builds on the success of previous titles and gives it a ghoulish twist.

The Mad Professor has been hard at work in Monster Mansion, scouring the Earth for secret spells and magic potions in his quest to create four beings that would be his affectionate children, devoted to helping him in his work. How wrong he was!

On a stormy night, he throws the switch on his Marvellous Monster-Making Machine and his creations come juddering to life. These little rascals have only one thing in mind, though, and that's not running after the Professor to pander to his needs. Oh no, the mansion is one big playground for these little monsters to run amok and create havoc.

In keeping with previous titles in the series, Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble is made up of 25 games. These are scattered in and around the mansion and range from orchestrating your own firework display, spinning mummies, hunting for treasure on the islands of a murky swamp, battling to stop a tentacled creature escaping the sewers and doing your best to quieten the creepy zombie neighbours.

The game features a number of modes, each designed to suit a specific need: Quick Start is great if you want to jump straight into the action while Standard Game lets you create your own monster before you start, with the ability to change your mischievous monster’s arms, legs, horns, ears and eyes! For more adventurous types, Custom Game lets you pick and mix your favourite games to create a unique play experience.

You can select Short, Medium, Long or Marathon duration for each of the modes, the one you select determining how many games will be included in your series; a short game features five games strung together, a medium game ten and so on.

After you've chosen a mode and selected a game duration, you can either play against computer opponents or up to three friends can select a character. Then it's off to the in-house cinema to view a short video which gives an overview of the upcoming game.

Once the action starts, you'll need to have your wits about you as each game is a mix of skill, timing and strategy as you battle it out to see who will come out on top. Points are awarded at the end of each round and the winner is the one that gets the most ghoulish eyeballs at the end of the series of games.

It's a simple concept, and one that is accessible to all thanks to the Buzz! Buzzers. All you need to take part in Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble are quick eyes and sharp reflexes - nothing to be scared of here then! It's so simple, even mum and dad can play!!

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