Aliens Vs Predator

  • PS3

Hunter, Survivor, Prey. Which will you be?

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Rebellion
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    • Experience new and thrilling first person gameplay in the deadly jungles and swamps surrounding the colony of Freya's Prospect.
    • Fight against the odds as a Colonial Marine, discover what it's like to be the most lethal creature in the universe as the Alien, or stalk your prey as the Predator using an astounding array of weaponry.
    • Choose your side in unique three-way online modes in a bloody battle to the end.
    Aliens vs Predator screenshot

    Colony wars

    Aliens Vs Predator's gripping story unfolds on Planet BG-386 which has been colonised by the Weyland Yutani Corporation; its dense jungles bulldozed to make way for a small population of humans. When the recently relocated residents discover a pyramid buried deep within the vast forests of BG-386, they somehow manage to unlock the secrets of a race of warriors from the stars known as Predators while unleashing a horde of bloodthirsty, acid blooded Xenomorphs.

    As carnage on BG-386 ensues you play through the game choosing from three different story campaigns. As the Predator, your goal is keep your race's secrets locked away from man's prying eyes. As the Colonial Marine, it's a case of brute force: simply wipe out the extraterrestrial threat and secure the planet. Lastly, playing as the Alien, you must protect your queen and your hive while harvesting humans so that your numbers can grow and you can wipe out both the human and Predator threat.

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    A sprinkle of movie magic

    Developer Rebellion has brilliantly captured the look and feel of the classic movie series. Everything from the sounds the Colonial Marines' pulse rifles and motion sensors, to the Alien hiss and Predator roar has been taken directly from Aliens Vs Predator's big screen counterparts to ensure each character has been portrayed as accurately as possible.

    Another excellent nod to the fans and the series - which began life as a comic book - is the addition of Hollywood actor Lance Henrikson, star of Aliens, Alien 3 and Aliens Vs Predator the movie. Here, he plays Karl Bishop Weyland, founder of the colony on BG-386 and descendant of Charles Bishop Weyland, the character he portrayed in the 2004 film that first saw the two species face off against each other on the big screen. For fans of the movies and comics, Aliens Vs Predator on PS3 is the perfect way to experience the classic battle like never before.

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    Survivor, Hunter, Prey

    When playing as the Marine in Aliens Vs Predator, the gameplay is similar to that of survival horror where you negotiate dark corridors and abandoned buildings, pulse rifle in hand, flares and motion sensor at the ready, which allows you to track enemy movement. Taking on the role of the Predator you're kitted out with some of the game's best weapons including the extraterrestrial's classic wrist blades, mines, a plasma launcher and multiple vision modes that allow you to see body heat emanating from humans and Aliens alike.

    You are also equipped with a cloaking device which is ideal for sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies to perform stealth kills. Another slick ability is being able to record voices that can be used as distraction devices, perfect for luring Colonial Marines in for an easy kill. While the Alien doesn't have weapons or gadgets, it is still a formidable foe because of its speed and agility. Playing as the Alien, you can smash lights to create shadows to hide in and wait for anyone foolish enough to stray from the confines of their group.

    Like the Predator, stealth kills play a major role in how you defeat enemies as an Alien. With three very different styles of play on offer, Aliens Vs Predator features a huge amount of variation that unfolds like three games in one, perfect for gamers looking for a new challenge at every corner in one single place.


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    The dominant species

    Aliens Vs Predator features 18 player online competitive modes and four player co-operative play, which means there is more than enough additional material beyond the three single player campaigns to keep you coming back for more. Modes include Deathmatch where Aliens, Marines and Predators battle it out in numerous environments as a team or solo. If you like a challenge then Survivor mode sees you team up with other players in massive firefights, blasting waves of marauding Aliens, each one vying for the chance to tear you to pieces.

    Similarly, Infestation mode sees you take on the role of the Alien or Marine. If you're chosen to play as the Alien, your goal is to wipe out the Marines, who will then become Aliens and assist you in your objective. If you're the Marine, you simply need to survive to win the match. In Predator Hunt you'll play as either a Marine or Predator. As the Predator you must maintain a steady kill streak to remain in the role; should you fail to do so, or are taken out of battle by another player, you become a Marine and must then locate and destroy the Predator to regain the mantle.

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