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Your monthly games for October

Available from 4th October, PS Plus members get powered up with $61.98 worth of PS4 games to download.


Metal Gear Solid V

Take on the role of legendary soldier Big Boss as he awakens from a coma and sets about hunting down the rogue organisation that tried to destroy him.

Deploy into occupied conflict zones across the Middle East and Africa rescuing former comrades and recruiting new soldiers  to rebuild the Mother Base you lost.

Amnesia: Collection

Embark on a truly terrifying descent into madness and memory-loss in the complete cult-hit horror series 'Amnesia'.

Told as three unique stories - Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Amnesia: Justine - follow the separate protagonists as they wrestle with their own personal nightmares and struggle to outrun their demons.



RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Experience the future of sport in stunning virtual reality with RIGS Mechanized Combat League – available to download as a special bonus game for PS Plus members from 5th September.

Pilot colossal mechs as part of a team in intense online matches, or rise up the leagues in career mode as you compete in stunning global arenas – exclusively on PlayStation VR.


Latest member discounts

PS Plus members get the best deals on PlayStation Store – here’s just a taste of this month’s savings:


Team vs Team tournaments

Join or create teams of up to 100 fellow PS Plus players and take on the world in ESL team tournaments on PS4.

Check the Events calendar on your PS4 home screen to see what’s coming up, register your team and show off your results as you compete to become an all-conquering crew.


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* For the period 1/8/17 to 5/9/17, based on game values on PlayStation Store on 1/8/17.