Paladins Champion Io art

Play the New Paladins Champion!

Long has the shattered moon puzzled Paladins players, watching their every battle from the sky above.

That secret will finally be revealed in the next Paladins update with the arrival of Io, Paladins' 42nd Champion.

Io is the moon, a celestial being become flesh and blood, commanding immense astral power. Now Io has revealed her true self to defend the Realm from its greatest threat yet: The Magistrate, in search of power, are in danger of unleashing the Darkness on the Realm.

In battle, Io commands a spirit fox pet, controls the battlefield with her lunar powers, and heals her allies as a Support Champion.

Paladins can be played from either a first-person or third-person perspective. The controls are simple to grasp for newcomers and shooter veterans alike which makes for an easy pick-up-and-play experience, on either controller or keyboard and mouse. Plus: Paladins is the first multiplayer game to support gyro aiming functionality on PlayStation®4!

There are so many more fun things coming to Paladins in each update. We update Paladins regularly, introducing new Champions, game modes, Battle Passes, and more!

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