Horizon Forbidden West™ "Play and Plant" Program

For the release of Horizon Forbidden West*, we want to do something to help nature... with you. Just like how Aloy fights to save the Earth in the game, we can do something together to help our planet. 

Play Horizon Forbidden West and unlock the “Reached the Daunt” trophy before March 25th, and we, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, will plant a tree across the country to help complete 3 different reforestation projects.**

So let's grab our controllers and play for our planet!

*Available on February 18, 2022.

**One tree donated for each “Reached the Daunt” trophy unlocked, until all 3 reforestation projects are completed (based on estimated 288k trees required). No additional purchase necessary to unlock trophy. Promotion ends when maximum donation is reached or on 3/25/22 at 11:59pm Pacific, whichever is earlier. For more information visit the Arbor Day Foundation website at www.arborday.org.

Play your part. Protect our forests.

You can help complete reforestation efforts in the locations below by helping Aloy explore the Forbidden West.

Douglas County Forest

Douglas County, Wisconsin

Located in northern Wisconsin, the Douglas County Forest spans more than 278,000 acres.

Why this forest?

  • Surrounding communities and animal habitats are at risk as previous deforestation has destabilized the forest’s natural watershed protection abilities.
  • Reforestation efforts are critical to preserve rare wildlife and plant species that are native to the area. Animals like the blue-wing warbler and Blanding’s turtle depend on the forest ecosystem for food, shelter, nesting, and protection from predators.
  • One particular area of the forest, the Superior Coastal Plain, is in great need of conifer trees in order to protect, restore, and maintain the boreal forest that once covered most of the region.

Sheep Fire Private Lands

Lassen County, California

The 2020 Sheep Fire that swept through Lassen County in northern California charred nearly 30,000 acres of land and forest.

Why this forest?

  • Grey wolves have recently returned to the region after being hunted to near extinction 100 years ago. These large predators rely on vast landscapes with healthy internal ecosystems, like forests, to thrive, and planting trees helps accelerate the return of their native environment.
  • The burn damage done to the region’s watershed caused by the Sheep Fire further agitates community members’ water management worries. Planting trees here will assist in reducing post fire erosion, enhancing water quality and quantity, and restoring wildlife habitat.

Torreya State Park

Liberty County, Florida

Torreya State Park spans more than 13,000 acres of the Florida Panhandle and is home to a large quantity of longleaf pine trees.

Why this forest?

  • The longleaf pine population has seen a significant amount of destruction and decline in the southeastern United States due to hundreds of years of deforestation and natural disasters. This increases fire risk for the area as newly exposed ravines that are surrounded by downed wood become hotter and drier.
  • Ecosystems like this one are well-known for containing an incredible amount of diversity in plant and wildlife species, many of which are not able to survive outside of this habitat. Through a dedicated tree planting effort, landowners affiliated with this project will be able to help restore and manage critical habitat areas where rare wildlife species such as the gopher tortoise and red-cockaded woodpecker can thrive.

Our forests globally are at great risk. That’s why the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and UN-REDD have launched ‘The Play4Forests’ (P4F) campaign, an initiative for the gaming community which aims to raise awareness about the importance of forests for our health and climate. It is aimed to stir world leaders to take decisive action on forest protection and restoration. A joint effort by the video gaming industry and UNEP, P4F asks gamers to support the cause by signing the petition which UNEP will present to world leaders at the next climate summit. More details here.

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