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In Destiny: The Taken King, Guardians on PlayStation® will be treated to a host of new exclusive content* that will help them on their journey to stop Oryx and his Taken army.

At launch, team up for a co-op strike to stop the Vex from constructing a time bridge, challenge fellow Guardians in a PVP multiplayer map set within the mighty Cosmodrome Wall, and acquire powerful new legendary armor and an exotic weapon.


April Update

Jovian Guard

Titan Armor

How to Obtain: Decrypt Sublime Engrams

Long Tomorrow 9G

Hunter Armor

How to Obtain: Decrypt Sublime Engrams

Barkhan Dune I

Warlock Armor

How to Obtain: Decrypt Sublime Engrams





Exotic Sniper Rifle

Zen Meteor

“Complete awareness, complete focus. A mind sharpened by diligence to a single deadly point.”
  • Dynamite: Grants explosive rounds. Rapid kills with every round in the clip load an extra, higher-damage round for 5 seconds.
  • With a Laser Beam: The extra round from Dynamite causes a massive explosion.

How to Obtain: Decrypt Exotic Engrams or Legendary Engrams, or via other sources of Year-Two Exotics




Essence of Darkness

“New activity at the Court does not bode well for the Reef. Show them the true force of a Guardian.” –Petra Venj

Reward for completing quest: Velumbra Sparrow




“I face the challenges to come with dry eyes. There will be a time to mourn, but not until we have our vengeance.” —Petra Venj

How to Obtain: Complete mission "Fight Fire with Fire"


Iron Banner Exclusive Gear!

Attention all Guardians:

Iron Banner will return in December. When Lord Saladin appears in the Tower again, he’ll have something extra to entice you to join the battle. On PlayStation, champions of the competitive event will have a chance to earn an exclusive gear set.

Power matters in Iron Banner, so the armor you equip makes all the difference. You’ll find some of these additional items in each Iron Banner event, available from Lord Saladin. It will also drop at the conclusion of a match, as loot does.

Get in there and fight. Be brave. Earn some endgame Legendary gear.





Limited Time Event - Ends December 28

Sparrow Racing League

Exclusive** Quest:

With Finesse and Speed

SRL is all about speed, but the Taken are still a threat. The Vanguard needs Guardians who are quick on the trigger. Send our enemies howling into the black, and Amanda Holliday will make it worth your while.

  • Quest Step 1: Kill Taken and Taken Ultras.
  • Quest Step 2: Defeat Court of Oryx Champions summoned with Antiquated Runes.
  • Quest Step 3: Finish “Fear’s Embrace” and “Outbound Signal” within the allotted time.

Quest Reward: Exclusive EV-42 Nightsteed Sparrow

In SRL, speed is always of the essence, but the best of the best win with style. Jump on this exclusive 160-rated Trick Sparrow featuring neon blue highlights that’ll turn heads as you race to victory.


Exclusive Strike*

Echo Chamber

The Vex have laid siege to time itself. Attempting to unravel your once-decisive victory against Sekrion, the Vex are constructing a time bridge to call the Nexus Mind from the past in order to execute a terrible future.

  • An exclusive three-player cooperative Strike: join up with friends or use matchmaking to form a Fireteam.
  • Hold off a Vex onslaught while also disabling the bridge's machinery to prevent Sekrion's return.

Exclusive Competitive Multiplayer Map*


Once a part of the mighty Cosmodrome wall, Sector 618 fell long ago to the Fallen House of Devils. Now reclaimed by the City, the beams and walkways of the wall's interior are in dangerous disrepair—thus, an ideal location for the Crucible's grueling games.

  • Sector 618 is a mid-sized Crucible map compatible with any game mode, particularly Clash and Control.
  • A perilous open chasm at Sector 618's center splits a network of narrow, claustrophobic corridors, connected only by two exposed bridges.
  • The bridges aren't the only way across: dexterous players can perform death-defying leaps across a handful of small platforms, but beware of snipers using the open area to their advantage.




Built to honor the Hesperonauts, the first human astronauts to land on Venus, the Hespero armor is built to withstand excruciating heat and pressure. Don it to remember the Golden Age of peace and exploration.



The millennia-long search for true alchemy ends with the Warlock. Bend the infinitesimal mysteries of matter and energy to your will.



Neuroghast armor enables a perfect union of mind and body, through the interface of lightweight fieldweave, transcranial sensoria and cytogel exowiring. Become an elite assassin with all the power of both machine and man.


The Jade Rabbit


The moon-dwelling Jade Rabbit of yore is made manifest in this adorably deadly exotic scout rifle.
Sporting a 13-shot magazine and a sniper-like scope, the Jade Rabbit is a lethal combination of kinetic power and long-range accuracy.

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*Timed exclusive until at least Fall 2016.
* Access to Vanguard Armory can also be attained through gameplay.
**Timed Exclusive