Saw Cleaver

This iconic hunter weapon is a product of local Yarnahm craftsmen. In its close-range form, the Saw Cleaver rapidly cuts through flesh and bone.

When articulated, the long shaft greatly extends the weapon’s attack distance for heavier, more devastating blows.

Hunter Axe

Powerful in its shortened form. But when the handle is extended to its full length, its reach and area attacks are almost unparalleled. This combination of range and wide, sweeping attacks allows hunters to inflict damage on multiple enemies simultaneously, making it a solid weapon for both crowd control and assaults on single targets alike.

Hunter Blunderbuss

One of the standard guns from the workshop that hunters use to hunt beasts, the wide-barreled blunderbuss fires scatter-shots. The major role of a gun in beast hunting is to use its impact to deal with the swift movement of beasts. With a wide area of fire, the Bluderbuss' scattered shots make it easier to hit a target and is more efficient when dealing with closely-grouped crowds. 

Beast Hunter Pistol

A classic hand-crafted weapon employed by many hunters, the Beast Hunter Pistol fires much more quickly than the blunderbuss, making it well-suited for counter-attacks and last-second blasts to stagger enemies, leaving them open to devastating Visceral Attacks.

Blade of Mercy

Though all of Bloodborne's melee weapons offer alternate stances or types of attack, one of the most unique of these transforming tools is the Blade of Mercy. This seemingly single blade changes from one sword into two, making it great for swift attacks, especially in combat situations with lots of side-stepping.

Threaded Cane

A perfect example that not everything in Bloodborne is as it seems, this cane is a formidable weapon on its own, but by triggering a special mechanism, the built-in blades separate allowing the user to wield it like a whip. Seeing this weapon disguised as a cane brought to bear against beasts in both forms during combat is a true sight to behold, and is preferred by certain hunters.


Out of all of the transforming weapons employed by hunters, the Kirkhammer is especially popular among hunters associated with the Church of Medicine. It features two drastically methods of attack: a nimble silver sword and a giant stone maul - the latter being very indicative of the Church’s stance against beasts.