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Survive a near-future wasteland and a tyrannical government bent on hunting you down.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Bethesda
  • Developer: id Software
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    • Explore some of the harshest terrain on PlayStation 3, home to bandits, mutants and the sinister Authority.
    • Scorch a trail across the wilderness in a range of fully customisable bikes and buggies, and take part in races to top up your earnings.
    • Seek out new settlements and the possibilities they offer in a single player campaign full of explosive encounters and intriguing side quests.
    • Challenge your rivals to intense online destruction derbies via PlayStation Network, or take a friend along for the ride in special co-op missions.
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    The big bang

    Earth 2035. It's been six years since the Apophis meteor, a rock the size of Manhattan, slammed into the planet with the force of one million megatons of TNT, wiping out entire countries. Civilization has all but disappeared and little hope remains of the world you once knew ever returning.

    The survivors, scattered throughout the remnants of Earth, have formed clans, while small settlements and camps have been constructed in a bid to seek solace from what lurks in the wastelands - crazed bandits and bloodthirsty mutants.

    Preserved for years inside a protective underground shelter known as The Ark, you emerge into this new and terrifying world and must head to the surface to find supplies and join forces with the small pockets of friendly factions that populate this desolate planet. Welcome to the end of days. Welcome to RAGE on PlayStation 3.

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    Gangs of the new world

    The wastelands in RAGE are a dangerous place, and each one is governed by a gang more lethal than the next. One of the first groups you'll meet at the start of your journey is the Mutants, a race of deformed creatures that will tear your flesh apart at any chance they get.

    Venture to the industrial area of the wasteland and you'll find the Wasted Clan, a group of misfits that spend their time brewing homemade alcohol and tinkering with vehicles. Looking for gadgets or spare parts? Travel to the Gearheads' base, where you'll find the most intelligent faction in this post-apocalyptic world. They're formidable foes armed with advanced weaponry, so tread carefully when you cross their paths for the first time.

    Other gangs include the Ghost Clan, Scorcher Clan and the Jackal Clan, RAGE's most savage enemy. The Jackals are part human, part animal and attack in large groups using anything they have to hand including blunt objects, knives and deadly explosives. This group is so ruthless and violent that even the deformed Mutant Clan fears them. You have been warned.

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    A new breed of game

    RAGE on PlayStation 3 is a hybrid experience, packing in elements from first person shooters, role-playing games and even racing titles. The world it takes place in is incredibly vast and dangerous, which means getting around on foot is out of the question.

    That's why you'll have a number of vehicles to hand throughout your quest, including a dune buggy, ATV and four-wheel drive trucks. Each one can be upgraded to include new paintwork, firepower and parts such as enhanced suspension and a Nitro booster.

    Weapons function in much the same way. You can get your hands on a vast array of firepower including shotguns, pistols and even a crossbow. Each of these can then be upgraded with multiple types of ammo including explosive rounds. There are also a large number of schematics to be found or purchased from various vendors that allow you to build useful items such as sentry bots, mind control darts and medical supplies.

    The world in RAGE is vast, so be sure to explore it and talk to everyone you meet because there are lots of side missions to be discovered for extra earnings. It's also worth keeping an eye on job boards in each town because the quick missions advertised there often lead to high cash rewards and lots of new gadgets.

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    Raging online

    RAGE features two unique multiplayer modes that perfectly complement the 20-hour single player campaign. The first of these is RAGE Combat Rally, where you and up to three of your friends can battle it out via PlayStation Network in an arena behind the wheel of your armoured vehicle.

    It's fast, fun and action-packed where the goals are to blast your opponent off the track and drive through markers that multiply your final score. The player with the most points wins the match, but with weapons involved it's more challenging than you might think.

    The second multiplayer mode in RAGE involves co-operative play and is called Legends of the Wasteland and can be played with a friend via PlayStation Network. In it, you both work through various side stories that computer-controlled characters in the single player campaign storyline talk about throughout your journey.

    For example, one mission involves you playing as the sheriff of a town called Wellsprings in a bid to rid it of a gang of bandits. So, with that in mind, always be sure to stop and talk to everybody to get a taste of what's to come in the multiplayer mode.

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