Premier Manager

  • PS3

Get ready for a new season and lead your football team to victory.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Urbanscan
  • Developer: Urbanscan
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    • Take on the role of a football manager and guide your players through the season.
    • Rate yourself against your friends and rivals and rise to the top of the ranks to become top dog.
    • Keep up to date with regular downloadable game, transfer and competition updates.


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    Premier Manager's presentation is designed to make you feel like you're sat in an office, ready to take on the football world. The menus to check your emails, staff feedback, competitions, news and other factors are conveniently presented to mix both sides of football management - business decisions and the sport itself.

    Once you've chosen your favourite team from the 2010/11 English, Italian, Spanish, French, German or Scottish leagues, you can get to work on your plot for management glory, all without the need of a tracksuit. There are hundreds of players to scout, each represented with a number of statistics for you to choose who's best to form your dream team. To help out there are a variety of widgets supplying instant information on aspects such as your stadium, the facilities, tasks assigned to your staff, your team sheet, transfers and competitions.

    When it comes to match day, each game is displayed as a 2D representation with handy pictorial descriptions of events peppering the 90 minutes, whether it's the ball hitting the crossbar or a notable foul committed. Between that and the in-depth statistics of how each player on the pitch is performing, you're armed with everything you need to make the big decisions every manager faces. Just make sure you supply your own chewing gum for those jaw-clenching moments...

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    He shoots, he scores!

    Want to take your team to the top? Restore some pride and glory to an ailing squad? Or maintain a history of success? Premier Manager is all about you and the career making - or career breaking - decisions you make. Once you've picked your team, you're immediately plunged into one of the game's more important aspects: the media. Interviews on your role, certain matches and signings can be conducted with multiple choice answers potentially affecting your team's morale and how the dreaded chairman perceives you.

    Along with match day results based on your tactical knowledge and squad harmony, it's these relationships which shape your progress through the game. Good responses to the media and tactful chats with the players and your chairman will make things smoother, although each one has certain expectations of you. Betraying that by doing things such as trying to sell a star player because of his high contract demands or issuing a transfer budget ultimatum to the chairman are unlikely to go down well and you could soon find yourself saying goodbye to the fans quicker than you can chant "cheerio".

    If you've kept everyone onside there are many other aspects to handle too, beyond setting your formation, tactics and signing players who can fire your name into the club's history books. Keeping an eye on rival teams' fortunes and any potential star players is important, something your back room staff also help with. Coaches, scouts and even your chairman will pop up with invaluable advice. Whether you listen or not is up to you - after all, you're the boss...

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