Killzone™ 3

PlayStation Exclusives
  • PS3

It is time to escape the nuclear aftermath of Pyrrhus City and attempt to leave the planet of Helghan altogether.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Guerrilla
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    • With highly intelligent enemy AI and the unpredictable, dynamic environments of Helghan, you never know where the next threat will come from.
    • Get up close and personal with the Helghast, making use of brutal new melee attacks.
    • Don your stereoscopic 3D glasses and place yourself right at the heart of the battle, dodging bullets as the combat rages all around on the spectacular new Sony BRAVIA 3D TVs.
    • Get closer to the action with PlayStation Move motion controller features.

    You will no longer be able to use the online features for this title from 29th March 2018

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    The fightback starts here

    Battle an entire empire determined to see you dead in Killzone 3, exclusive to PlayStation 3. Cut off from home with your few remaining comrades dropping like flies, it’s a supreme test of your courage in the face of gut-wrenching adversity.

    As Tomas “Sev” Sevchenko, you pick up right where the incredible events of Killzone 2 concluded. With the Helghast emperor Visari dead at your feet, you witness not the crumbling of his empire, but instead a massive uprising as assault ships and massed ranks of troops gather to hunt you down.

    Your objective is simple: survive and escape. Achieving it is anything but. You have the aftermath of nuclear war to contend with, a devastated capital of Pyrrhus to navigate and the most single-minded enemy on PlayStation in the Helghast.

    As you fight for your existence, so the Helghast feud among themselves. An epic struggle in the corridors of power within Pyrrhus means Helghast strategy pitches between the brute force favoured by Admiral Orlock and the more subversive plotting of Chairman Stahl, head of a terrifying weapons project. Yet their squabbling only serves to ramp up the ferocity of the soldiers on your trail. 

    It’s adapt or die. Turn Helghast weapons and tactics against them and you just might find a way off their planet alive.

    Killzone 3 Review screenshot

    Setting new standards

    Prepare yourself for one of the most stunning all-round experiences on PlayStation 3. Whether you decide to sample its explosive thrills alone or in the company of friends, Killzone 3 is never anything less than jaw-dropping.

    While the scenario is one of desperate survival for you and your scattered comrades, the world of Helghan is an extraordinary feast for the eyes. You’ll journey through freezing wastelands, the gloomy shell of Pyrrhus, brilliantly colourful jungles, a vast junkyard and the buzzing hive of the Helghast war effort itself. The art direction sets a new benchmark for what can be realised using the power of PlayStation 3 – Killzone 3 is a world you’d happily explore if it wasn’t for the bloodthirsty army on your tail.

    Play Killzone 3 in glorious stereoscopic 3D and you’ll discover an even richer experience – foliage in Helghan’s jungle clings to your rifle, your stomach leaps during an airborne assault and Helghast bullets fly a little too close for comfort.

    Add a friend to the mix in the split screen Co-op Campaign Mode and you gain a second set of eyes, vital if you want to attempt the ultimate test of your abilities: the Elite difficulty level. However you choose to play, Killzone 3 is a sensational strike to the senses.

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    Hell down on Helghan

    As Sergeant Tomas “Sev” Sevchenko, you simply never know when to give up, even if that means facing down the barrels of several Helghast guns. You load another clip, take a deep breath and unleash hell – as often as it takes to beat a path to freedom.

    Measured aggression wins over blind fury every time. Charge into the fray without taking stock and you’ll be cut down in the blink of an eye. Find cover using the L2 button, then pick your target and fire. The hot-headed Rico Velasquez is at your side through most of the campaign, providing support fire, medical back-up and plenty of wry one-liners.

    Fighting through the Helghast homeland means access to their formidable arsenal: the WASP multiple missile launcher doubles as an artillery gun, the Boltgun fires explosive metal rods to pin the enemy down, while the Flamethrower is perfect for close combat. When facing a ruthless enemy looking to outflank and outgun you, it pays to fight fire with fire.

    Strap on the Jet Pack with its heavy machine gun, use the Exoskeleton to unleash a barrage of rockets, commandeer the Ice Saw tank to blast enemy drop ships… do whatever it takes to survive Killzone 3 on PlayStation 3.    

    Killzone 3 Review screenshot

    An even deadlier foe

    Dealt a crushing blow to the Helghast in the Campaign Mode of Killzone 3? Then face off against an enemy even more ruthless than the Helghast when you take the war online via PlayStation Network.

    Three game modes await, each offering an exciting take on the war on Helghan. Operations Mode features three missions in which the ISA and the Helghast battle for control of specific objectives, linked together by a driving narrative. Warzone sees you attempt missions that change every time you play, while Guerrilla Warfare is a straightforward fight to the death.    

    Choose from one of five character classes and earn points which unlock bonus items to improve your abilities, such as increased ammo or hardened armour. Each class offers a compelling new way to play. The Marksman, for instance, is perfect for those who like to bide their time and attack from distance, whereas the Infiltrator allows you to adopt disguises to get up close and personal.

    Brutal melee attacks allow you to silently kill an opponent with the L1 button, and to get even closer to the action, use the PlayStation Move sharp shooter to command the battlefield with unrivalled accuracy.

    Intuitive control, close quarters combat and a truly multilayered experience – the online features of Killzone 3 prove the game really is just the start.

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