Fading Shadows

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Avoid traps and solve puzzles as you guide an orb through a world of light and dark.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: Ivolgamus
  • Developer: Ivolgamus
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The time of prophecy has arrived. Evil is afoot and the villainous Master Gardal has diabolical plans. With the aid of his faithful minions Quiph and Morg, he intends to conquer the famed Castle of Heaven, the supreme fortress built to protect the world from the forces of darkness.

The only way for Gardal to breach the castle gates is by using the pure, untainted soul of Erwyn, a young boy mentioned in a millennia-old prophecy. Yet Gardal didn't count on the help of Aira, Erwyn's clairvoyant sister.

To save her brother, Aira has sealed Erwyn's soul within a single teardrop and transformed this into a protective orb. Now, in order to free her brother, she must safely guide the orb into the Castle of Heaven using a magical beam of light.

Avoid the traps, whilst solving puzzles and riddles designed to slow you down, as you take control of the beam of light to guide the orb through an intriguing world of danger and adventure.

  • Unique style of action-packed puzzle gameplay
  • Change the orb's form to overcome obstacles
  • Fifty levels, 10 multiplayer levels
Fading Shadows screenshot 2

Guiding lights

PSP puzzler Fading Shadows chases away the darkness.

Developer Ivolgamus has shed new light on the ball-and-maze puzzle mechanic in Fading Shadows. Instead of directly controlling the motion of the ball, by driving, or indirectly controlling it by manipulating the environment, by tilting the maze, they have created something altogether new. Using a beam of light you draw the ball through the maze, much like a magnet.

This beam of light can be adjusted, the focus made narrower or wider, which in turn changes the strength of attraction it exerts from greater to weaker. This has enabled Ivolgamus to include puzzle mechanics controlled directly by the beam of light - such as switches and mirrors, as well as elements controlled by the sphere - pressure plates, the collection of rewards, and so on. Additionally, it means you can leave the sphere in a safe area and explore the puzzles ahead with the beam of light.

Another great mechanic is the transition of the sphere between three different states - iron, wood and glass. For instance an iron sphere when heated can jump but will sink in water and rapidly rust, while a wooden sphere floats but burns if under a focused beam of light for too long.

This solid gameplay basis makes for a unique puzzle game, which incorporates both skill and abstract elements. Directing a wooden sphere across a body of water is easy enough, for instance, but getting it across a bridge riddled with holes, when you can't focus the beam in case it burns, is a real test of skill. On the other hand, working out the correct route across a chessboard grid, marked with a sequence of numbers and roman numerals, is one of the more simple brain-benders.

Layered over all of this is a fairy tale of good and evil. Aira, a clairvoyant girl, is attempting to rescue her younger brother from darkness. Protecting his soul in a sphere, fashioned from a single teardrop, she guides him to safety with the beam of light.

Fading Shadows is Ivolgamus' PSP debut - and a great one at that. It is an enjoyable puzzle experience that is both innovative in concept and challenging in practice.

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