DmC Devil May Cry™

  • PS3

Face your demons in a stylish yet brutal adventure on PS3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Ninja Theory
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    • Explore Dante’s early years in a gripping story featuring some familiar faces alongside all-new characters.
    • Dispatch devilish enemies back to Hell with iconic sword and gun combos, as well as brand new weapons designed to look good and hit hard.
    • Unite Dante’s demonic and angelic sides – his ground and aerial attacks – to achieve the ultimate style rating.
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    Between heaven and hell

    Are you ready to step into a nightmarish world twisted by greed and decay? Set in an alternative universe to the previous games in the series, DmC Devil May Cry on PlayStation 3 throws you into a dark tale where the world's fate rests on the leather clad shoulders of Dante, a teenage rebel with a cause.

    The white-haired charmer from the series so far has been replaced by a younger, no holds barred reveller. With jet black hair and a dry sense of humour, DmC's Dante deals ruthless vengeance to anyone who crosses him. And as mankind is being secretly manipulated by sinister demons, there's an army waiting to put his formidable skills to the test.

    Convinced to take up the fight by the mysterious Kat, Dante has to venture into the frightening realm of Limbo, another dimension on Earth that exists within its shadows and reflections. The slick demon destroyer must travel through ancient temples, other-worldly prisons and sludge-spewing factories to uncover the truth about his past and defeat Mundus, the deadly lord who holds Dante's city in the palms of his hellish hands.

    DMC Devil May Cry screenshot

    Face your demons

    Dark, dangerous and dazzling - DmC Devil May Cry transports you to a metropolis where demons rule every corner. This city is full of miserable people all under the influence of hell spawn, although you would never know from a casual glance. Towering skyscrapers, beautiful parks and incredible landscapes hide what lies beneath its surface: the brutal spiritual dimension of Limbo.

    While DmC Devil May Cry delivers an impressive glimpse into Dante's diverse and menacing city, it's Limbo where the game's supernatural style shines. When our hero is dragged into the deadly parallel dimension, you're plunged into devilish red hues and creeping silhouettes. This demonic domain bends and twists around Dante as he walks through its horrifying corridors and streets. The walls break and crack, while the haunting shadows of unaware humans in the real world flicker in and out of sight.

    As terrifying as Limbo may be, Dante has plenty of punk rock attitude to cope with its intimidating atmosphere. From his cocky swagger when firing his twin pistols, to the wonderfully animated stagger of each sword slash, every attack and feat of agility is a sight to behold.

    With imaginative foes, haunting sound effects, a headbanging soundtrack and a handful of cheeky references to previous games in the series, DmC Devil May Cry leaves a lasting impression that will put a devilish grin on your face.

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    Step into Dante’s inferno

    While you're stalking demons and destroying evil, DmC Devil May Cry aims to make you look as stylish as possible. Dante possesses abilities and weapons that instantly make you feel like a powerful demon hunter in a deadly city which can literally open up and swallow you whole. Initially armed with his Rebellion sword and twin pistols Ebony and Ivory, you can slice and blast your way through most foes via a large variety of amazing moves.

    DmC's diverse combat system blossoms once you string your attacks together to create blinding combinations. The Style rank system rates how elegantly you fight during each of the 20 main missions, with varied and prolonged combos earning you high grades. DmC gives you plenty of time to master your customised combos, too, with a training mode to polish your moves. If you're looking for a little inspiration to freshen up your crafty combos, pay special attention to the examples you see during the loading screens. And don't forget to sign in to PlayStation Network and post your best grades to the online leader boards.

    It's not just rewarding and constantly evolving combat with entertaining enemies that makes DmC Devil May Cry a blistering adventure. Thrilling platform exploration keeps you on your toes as you leap and swing over gaping ravines, while 21 unlockable secret missions keep you coming back, challenging you with tasks such as surviving an unlimited number of enemies within a set time limit. The dashing Dante may have changed in his dramatic leap from previous games to DmC Devil May Cry, however fans of the series will feel right at home.

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