Canis Canem Edit

Don't be just another brick in the wall with Rockstar's Jimmy Hopkins.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Publisher: TBC
  • Developer: Rockstar

    Original gameplay and humorous tongue-in-cheek storytelling are at the heart of Rockstar's Canis Canem Edit, a return to childhood and the trials and tribulations of school.

    As Jimmy Hopkins, a mischievous schoolboy, you’ll stand up to bullies, get picked on by teachers, play pranks, win or lose the girl, and ultimately learn to navigate the obstacles of the worst school imaginable - Bullworth Academy, a corrupt and crumbling boarding school with an uptight facade.

    Left to fend for himself, after his mother abandons him at the academy to go on her fifth honeymoon, Jimmy begins working his way up the social ladder of this 'wholesome' institution of learning, standing up for what he thinks is right and taking on the liars, cheats and snobs who are the most popular members of the student body and faculty.

    If Jimmy can survive the school year and outsmart his rivals, he could rule the school.

    • Create your own path as Jimmy Hopkins standing up for what is right
    • Explore the campus and town over the course of a full school year
    • Progress in your abilities by attending classes

    • Players

      1 Players


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