A rewards program for those who love entertainment, Sony Rewards lets you earn and redeem points for the things you love!

Play your way to points with all your favorite titles

Get to rewards you want, fast.
Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend at PlayStation™Store. 
Plus, look out for bonus points offers that will get you to rewards.


Rack up more points for your love of play, and earn double, triple or quadruple points at PS Store when you subscribe to PlayStation® services. The more services you subscribe to, the more you earn.


Get ready to rule rewards as you complete different challenges with Sony Rewards passes. Earn points and prizes for completing gaming challenges.


Use your points to score big on the latest games, PlayStation™Store codes, movies and music. Or dive into entertainment when you bid your way to exclusive events only available to Sony Rewards members.


With the new app from Sony Rewards,
the cutting edge of entertainment
is always a tap away.


With the new app from Sony Rewards,
the cutting edge of entertainment
is always a tap away.

Once approved, a temporary shopping pass may be issued and sent to your smartphone, allowing you to shop online right away.



after your first purchase within 60 days of account opening with your PlayStation® Visa® Credit Card.*




when you buy directly from PlayStation.**


What is Sony Rewards?

The Sony Rewards Program connects you to all things Sony®. With your free membership, you can earn points for doing the things you already love to do, and you can use those points to get great PlayStation® and Sony products and experiences. 

You can learn more about Sony Rewards here.

What can I get with Sony Rewards points?

You can use your points to get anything in the Sony Rewards catalog. That means the latest PlayStation® hardware and games, PlayStation®Plus memberships, PlayStation™Store codes, Sony products, movies, and music. You can also bid your points to for a chance to win unique collectibles or once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Check out the catalog.

Where can I see my Sony Rewards points balance?

To see a detailed view of the points you’re earning and browse Rewards, log in to your account on www.rewards.sony.com. Keep in mind it can take up to 5 business days for your points from your PlayStation™Store purchases to post.

I live in Canada. Why can't I join Sony Rewards?

We're sorry but at this time Sony Rewards is not available outside the United States.

I don't have enough points to redeem for anything on Sony Rewards. How can I use the points?

Not having enough points doesn't mean you have to wait to get what you want. You can purchase the points you need (at a penny a point) using your PlayStation®Card or another credit card during the checkout process.

Do points expire?

As long as you remain an active (as defined below) Sony Rewards member within any 18-month period, you will have 5 years from the end of the month in which your Sony Rewards points were earned to redeem them. All points expire 5 years after they are earned. You will be deemed ‘active’ if you (i) complete at least one earn activity by using your Sony Card℠ or PlayStation® Card, (ii) earn Sony Rewards points through the Sony Rewards website, or (iii) complete a redemption activity. If you do not remain active within any 18-month period, all of your Sony Rewards points will expire at the end of that 18-month period. This applies to all Sony Rewards points earned and available in your account.

How do I earn points at PlayStation™Store?

Link your PlayStation Network (PSN) account to Sony Rewards once. After you link your account, you will automatically earn at least one point per dollar spent for all of your PlayStation™Store purchases.

To link accounts, simply use your PlayStation Network sign-in credentials to enroll in the Sony Rewards program. It’s that easy!

I have multiple PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts. Can I link all of them to one Sony Rewards account?

No, you will only be able to link one PlayStation Network (PSN) account to one Sony Rewards account. Additionally, you won’t be able to change the PlayStation Network (PSN) account that is linked. So choose wisely and link the account you use most.

Can PlayStation Network (PSN) sub accounts link to a Sony Rewards account?

Yes, sub accounts can link their account to a Sony Rewards account. Sub accounts are viewed as an independent account so this means Master accounts won’t earn points on any of their sub accounts.

I'm already a Sony Rewards member. Do I need to do anything to earn points on my PlayStation™Store purchases?

Yes, you will need to link your PlayStation Network (PSN) account to your current Sony Rewards account. Link Now.

To link accounts, simply use your PlayStation Network sign-in credentials to enroll in the Sony Rewards program. It’s that easy!

What if I’m an existing Sony Rewards member with an account linked to PlayStation™ Network, but the email addresses for both accounts are different?

When you sign-in to Sony Rewards, enter your existing Sony Rewards email address. You will be notified that you are linked to a Sony account for PlayStation Network with a different email address.

You will then be prompted to enter the email address of your Sony account for PlayStation Network. Then you will be prompted to enter the password you use to sign-in to PlayStation Network. After a successful sign-in using your PlayStation Network credentials, these credentials will be used moving forward for your Sony account to access both Sony Rewards and the PlayStation Network.

What if I have an account on the PlayStation™ Network, but I’m not a Sony Rewards member yet?

If you already have an account on the PlayStation™ Network then you can enroll in Sony Rewards using your PlayStation™ Network email and password. These credentials will be used moving forward to access both Sony Rewards and the PlayStation™ Network.

Now that I linked my Sony Rewards and PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts, how do I get points on my PlayStation™Store purchases?

Once you have successfully linked your Sony Rewards and PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts, you will automatically start earning 1 point for every $1 spent at PlayStationStore. There is no need to do anything further until you’re ready to redeem your points. We’ll keep you updated on bonus and multiplier offers so you will get rewards faster!

Can I earn points for past PlayStation®Store purchases?

You will earn points for PlayStationStore purchases on the day you link your account but will not be able to earn for any purchases before the day that the accounts are linked.

Will I earn points on digital items when I buy a code at retail and redeem it on my PlayStation Network (PSN) account?

Unfortunately no. You will only earn points on products that are bought directly from PlayStationStore on your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita console, or at PlayStationStore online. But if you buy PlayStationStore codes at retail and redeem them on PlayStationStore, the purchases you make with that store code will be eligible for points!

Will I earn points when I top up my wallet?

No, you won’t earn points when you top up your wallet with a credit card or PlayStationStore codes. But you will earn points when you buy products using money in your PSN wallet.

Will I earn points on purchases even if I buy items at the PSN online store?

Definitely. You’ll earn points for anything you buy with your PSN wallet. That includes PlayStation®Plus subscriptions, games, videos and music, across all PlayStation® devices and at store.playstation.com.

Do I earn points on movie rentals and purchases?

Yes, you will earn points on movie rentals or purchases made from PlayStationStore. However you won’t earn points on rentals or purchases made on apps such as Vudu or Amazon.