Six game-changing new features that EA SPORTS FIFA 20 brings to the pitch

1. The most comprehensive FUT mode yet

FIFA Ultimate Team remains the series' most popular mode, and FIFA 20 gives you more tools to create your dream squad from thousands of players. Take your team online and go for glory, or match up against other sides with up to three friends with couch play. 

There are even more ways to customise your squad, with new kits, crests, stadium themes, Tifo banners and celebrations to unlock, while everything related to your team is easily accessible from a redesigned Squad Screen. Plus, look out for brand-new features, including:

Season Objectives

Work your way towards long-term rewards and XP for your Ultimate Team. Take part in daily, weekly, season and dynamic objectives to earn rewards and build your team. 

FUT Friendlies

A new and more casual way to play FUT with friends, locally or online. Don't worry about contracts, fitness, injuries or results carrying over to your club record. Just get stuck in and experiment. 

FUT 20 Icons

Footballing superstars are at the heart of FUT, and FIFA 20 introduces more world-class ICONS. In FIFA 20, Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane, Arsenal legend Ian Wright, Italy World Cup winner Andrea Pirlo, Netherlands manager Ronald Koeman and Chelsea's UEFA Champions League winner Didier Drogba join the squad.

2. VOLTA FOOTBALL brings the street to FIFA

Delivering the boundless energy, culture and style of street football, VOLTA FOOTBALL transports you to playgrounds, underpasses, cages and rooftops around the world for a fresh FIFA experience.

Using the powerful FIFA 20 engine and taking elements of small-team indoor futsal, VOLTA FOOTBALL is fast, creative and customisable. 


Take on the globe in offline single-player matches against teams created by other VOLTA gamers. Winning lets you recruit players from the losing squad, so never give up. 


Customise and create your own player on an international journey against the very best, with the VOLTA World Championship in Buenos Aires up for grabs. 


Go online and face off against teams across divisions to win promotion or avoid relegation. 


Play as your favourite professional teams in exhibition matches across a variety of street-football courts. 

Your VOLTA, your rules

Take control of the beautiful game, with the option to play 3v3 Rush (no goalkeepers), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5, or Professional Futsal, and tweak the type of pitch you play on. 

"VOLTA is accessible to casual players, but at the same time has all the depth that veteran players will expect". 

- Jeff Antwi, Producer 

Five reasons to play VOLTA

It's a whole new way to enjoy FIFA: Due to the smaller arenas and heavier ball, it's faster and more intense than traditional pro football, so high scores are common. No lingering on the ball — keep passing and moving! 

The walls add a new dimension: The presence of walls means the ball is always kept in play, but you can also use them for spectacular trick shots, smart passing moves, and even unique celebrations.  

You'll see more action, even as a goalkeeper: Each side has a maximum of five players, so everyone is always in play. Even goalkeepers have licence to leave the box, take on other players and become a goal-scoring hero.

Licensed teams can join in, too: If you've ever dreamt of pitting Real Madrid against Manchester City in a five-a-side match on a Tokyo rooftop, this is your moment. Head-to-heads just became even more intense. 

Men and women can play together: For the first time in video-game football, squads can consist of both female and male players simultaneously, including any players you create. Your dream teams can become reality. 

3. Player AI is sharper than ever

Own the season with a team that adapts to how you play. FIFA 20 takes football intelligence to a new level, with AI that attempts to read your intentions, positioning players better to close down attacks or create chances. Manual defending is also tweaked if you want greater control over your back line. 

4. Brand new options give you more control on the pitch

Leave your rivals in the grass, with improved systems that enhance your team's versatility, whether you're forming a wily attack or shoring up a solid defence. 

Strafe dribbling

Become more dynamic and agile going forward, luring in defenders and blazing past them with a burst of speed or tricky skill. 

Composed finishing

Feel more clinical in front of goal in crucial one-on-ones.  

Set up touches

Take an extra touch with this special skill that makes shots and passes more accurate — with the risk of being dispossessed if you take too long.

Controlled tackling

Win back possession and increase your chances of keeping hold of the ball for a quick counter attack.

5. Set pieces can punish careless opponents

The new free kick and penalty system reduces unpredictable and inconsistent elements, offering improved aiming, power, spin and timing. New star players' run-ups and animations have also been added, for that extra personal touch.

"We watched videos of Lionel Messi having this accuracy with the ball where he can spin it any way he wants". 

- Shaun Pejic, Gameplay Producer

6. Skill moves are more accessible

In VOLTA FOOTBALL, simplified flick ups can now be performed by pressing R3, while holding L2 and R2 gives you access to some of the flashier moves in each player's repertoire, depending on the direction they're facing. If you're more of a traditionalist, you can still use the right analogue stick.

Not only can you perform some of the old favourites such as body feints, elasticos and heel flicks, but new moves have also been added, including a feint and exit, lateral heel-to-heel and flair roulette.