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NCAA® GameBreaker® 2001

  • ps2
  • Also onPS One
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: TBC
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This game is streamlined and built for speed. With its combination of award-winning gameplay and 2001 updates, NCAA GameBreaker is the best college football game available.

The first college football game on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, NCAA GameBreaker 2001 uses the power of this new system to put together the most menacing offensive line ever to take the college field. With every one of the 115 Division I-A teams and stadiums, your gridiron alma mater should be well represented if they're blue chip material. Mr. Keith Jackson is calling the action all the way in one of the most realistic football audio presentations that includes over 30 college fight songs and trash talk from coaches. And speaking of realism, no game of college ball has come close to the incredible details on the field of this game--look closely at the high-resolution graphics, and you'll see mouthpieces, flexing pads, eye grease, and even mesh holes in the jerseys!

Key Features:

• New player models and motion-captured animations
Redesigned player models are more realistic than ever before, with more than 250 motion-captured animations, including new tackles, special moves, and jukes. The combination of new player models and animations delivers the most intense college gridiron experience.

• New team-specific playbooks and A.I. from NCAA all-Americans and coaches
NCAA GameBreaker has more than 1,800 plays incorporated into new defenses and blocking assignments that can help or hinder your productivity on the battlefield. Better bone up on football strategy if you want to take down an A.I. designed with the help of football greats like UCLA Head Coach Bob Toledo.

• New Career and Blue Chip Recruiting modes to build your dynasty
Your career is on the line this year. With the new season-ending career evaluations, you can be promoted, demoted, or flat-out fired. Be thinking about your future when you enlist unknowns to carry your reputation through the upcoming season.

• New historical “classic” teams plus 115 current division 1-A teams
Now, with 179 teams, you have your choice of all division 1-A programs or 64 historical classics as you plot your path down the road to a National Championship.

• New play-by-play and analysis from NCAA icon Keith Jackson
He's back! Another year filled with more Jacksonisms, play-by-play, commentary, and analysis than ever before--all from the icon of NCAA announcing, Keith Jackson.

• New audio with more than 30 authentic fight songs
Here’s audio so realistic you'll feel every juke, jive, grunt, and bone-crunching hit. More than 30 authentic fight songs from the big schools will provide you with everything you need to really get your blood pumping to the beat of victory.

• More award-winning gameplay featuring Total Control Passing
Smash-mouth college football is back! Refine your passing instincts and force your defenders to take the PI hanky or give up 6 with the newly enhanced Total Control Passing. Effective passing is all about touch, leading receivers, and putting the ball where only they can get to it.

• Five modes of play to satisfy your need for adrenaline
Scrimmage, Fantasy, Tournament, Bowl Season, and Career modes give you your football fix, regardless of how much time and effort you want to invest. You can settle for a quick scrimmage to hone your skills or you can begin climbing the ladder to a National Championship Trophy with Career mode. It all depends on your commitment.


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