Exciting narrative games

Modern thrillers

From spine-tingling teen horror to smart sci-fi, discover a selection of slick, contemporary tales to have you on the edge of your seat.

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Detroit: Become Human

Lifelike androids have replaced the human workforce in the Detroit of 2038 – but these servants are starting to ask questions of their masters and learning to say “no”.

  • Play as three very different androids in a riveting story of moral dilemmas and difficult choices, created by the developers of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.
  • Key actions have significant consequences, shaping the fate of the androids and perhaps the entire city.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

As a zombie apocalypse hits the world, The Walking Dead begins with convicted criminal Lee Everett meeting Clementine, a girl terrified by what’s happening around her. What comes next, only you can determine.

  • Your decisions have a profound effect on how the narrative unfolds and can mean the difference between life and death for many characters.
  • The Telltale Definitive Series contains all four seasons of The Walking Dead as well as the 400 Days DLC and spin-off title The Walking Dead: Michonne.
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Observer: System Redux

Kraków in 2084 has become home to corrupt corporations and their crooked empires. Play as an investigator, an Observer, one of the few people supposedly upholding the law.

  • Explore a gritty cyberpunk world as neural detective Daniel Lazarski, played by Blade Runner star Rutger Hauer, who can hack into the minds of the city’s inhabitants.
  • Hunt down a killer by analyzing the final moments of their victims and enter a digital realm beyond our own to communicate with the deceased.
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The Quarry

As the sun sets on the last day of summer camp at Hackett’s Quarry, its counsellors throw a party. There’s just one problem: hunting season has begun.

  • All your choices matter in this narrative adventure that has you controlling each of the nine counsellors – make the wrong move and the consequences may be fatal.
  • Blood-drenched locals are a problem – but there’s something far more sinister out in the woods, and its hungry for counsellors who can’t keep their cool.
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Unpredictable narrative games

Twisted tales

Explore worlds where nothing is quite as it seems and the only expectation is to expect the unexpected.

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Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

The small coastal town of Camena is experiencing some very unusual phenomena. Riley Poverly returns to her hometown to investigate the mystery – and finds more than she ever bargained for.

  • Shape the story through your conversations and dialogue choices, using a walkie-talkie to check in on contacts and their wellbeing.
  • Use your radio to tear open the fabric of time and reality and do whatever you can to stop a sinister cult from bringing something very bad into our dimension.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus

While it may look sweet on first impression, this is a dark and wicked game which will take you to some truly troubling places.

  • Join your school’s literature club and write poems for your crush – but beware the power of words, and how quickly this game can turn into something devilish.
  • Touching upon themes of depression and suicide, this is not a game for the easily disturbed and should not be played by children.
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Night in the Woods

An exploration an individual’s deteriorating mental health and small-town America, Night in the Woods mixes cute characters with heavy themes and surprising twists.

  • Play as Mae as she returns home to the Rust Belt-inspired Possum Springs to find that both her friends and family are changed people, and she no longer knows where she fits.
  • Mae’s dreams take her to a surreal nighttime realm – and even in the real world there’s strange cult activity that she must get to the bottom of.
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Last Stop

Casting you as three different characters whose lives cross in amazingly unforeseen ways, Last Stop is a story about London that travels way beyond the city limits.

  • From the creators of the celebrated Virginia, Last Stop follows student Donna, middle-aged dad John and ambitious professional Meena as their lives take strange turns.
  • Your decisions can lead to multiple endings, some good and some bad, with relationships, careers and much more on the line.
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Emotional narrative games

Emotional rollercoasters

From pirates to dinosaurs, these heart-warming and -rending (and relatable) narrative experiences will stay with you.

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Life is Strange: True Colors

This entry in the acclaimed Life is Strange series casts you as Alex Chen, whose psychic power of empathy means she can detect and manipulate the emotions of others.

  • Explore the streets, stores and secret spots of Haven Springs, a beautiful small Colorado town that hides its share of darkness.
  • Change lives with Alex’s powers and uncover the truth behind an accident that claimed the life of her brother. 

Return to Monkey Island

Continuing the story of the legendary point-and-click adventure series, Return to Monkey Island is a big-hearted yarn about pirates and parenthood.

  • Classic Monkey Island gameplay meets modern design with evolved controls, optional casual mode and a hints system that fits into the fictional world around it.
  • Guybrush Threepwood will encounter familiar characters and all-new friends and enemies on his adventures, where cunning and quick wits are mightier than any swordplay.
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What Remains of Edith Finch

The winner of several prestigious industry awards, this melancholic meditation on loss, exploring a seemingly cursed family’s history, plays out through a series of interactive vignettes.

  • Return to the Finch’s family home and walk around its rooms, halls and hidden places, reminiscing about those who once lived here – and the fates that befell them.
  • Each chapter plays differently but ends in a similar way: the death of a relative and a journal entry on their place in this complicated family tree.
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Goodbye Volcano High

Fang is 18, coming to the end of high school and in a band. Their whole world is ahead of them – until world-shattering news changes everything.

  • Explore relationships with characters through dialogue choices and play rhythm-based minigames as the band Worm Drama.
  • Help Fang work out what matters ahead of an event facing all dinosaurs at Volcano High, and everyone outside of it: the impending impact of an asteroid.
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Cozy narrative games

Laidback and comfortable

Travel to alien seas and fantastical coffee shops in these gently paced stories of self-discovery and helping others.

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Harold Halibut

This uniquely handmade narrative game tells a story of friendship and life on a city sized spaceship submerged in an alien ocean.

  • You are Harold, a lab assistant working to find some other way to live on this strange world – ideally somewhere that isn’t at the bottom of the sea.
  • Explore a retro-futuristic setting with handmade models and environments, full voice acting and myriad conversations to enjoy, in a quirky tale mixing humor with suspense.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

Serve drinks and interact with customers in this chilled-out narrative title which casts you as a barista in a world where it’s not just humans who come in for coffee.

  • Speak with a diverse cast of elves, orcs and more in an alternative Seattle where humans mix with fantasy creatures – many of whom have relatable issues plaguing them.
  • Experiment with recipes and use latte art to impress your clientele – get their orders just right and they may reveal more story options. 
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Henry leaves behind the mess of his life for a stint working as a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness. But with the summer especially hot and dry, and something strange happening out there, this isn’t the quiet retreat he was hoping for.

  • Wander a wonderfully realized wilderness environment using a map and compass to guide you, enjoying nature while seeking out waypoints.
  • Unravel a mystery through discoveries and interactions with your one companion out here, another lookout posted miles away, over your handheld radio.
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Play as Mimi, exploring your grandmother’s home and the memories and stories associated with it in this watercolor-styled narrative experience.

  • Play through childhood memories as you remember summer holidays with your grandmother and connect them to family secrets of the present day.
  • Collect photos, sounds and senses to create a journal that’s unique to your specific playthrough.
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