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Disney's Monsters, Inc.

  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: disney
  • Developer: TBC
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Monters Inc., is the largest scream processing factory in the monster world. Their patented state-of-the-art door track delivery is quick and efficient, automatically bringing a child's closet door from their massive door vault. The monsters enters the child's room through the activated closet door, scares the child and collects the scream. The refined scream provides power to everything in the monster world, from cars and lights to televisions.

The key to this operation is a highly trained group of elite Kid Scarers. One of the very best scarers is James P. Sullivan played by John Goodman, a huge monster with blue fur, large purple spots and horns. A natural-born Scarer, Sulley is relaxed and laid back about his position.

His Scare Assistant - also his best friend and roommate - is Mike Wazowski, played by Billy Crystalm a green opinioned, feisty little one-eyed monster. While Sullivan is low-key and easygoing, Mike more than makes up fot it with limitless energy.The castof characters also includes the factory's CEO, a crablike monster named Henry J. Waternoose, played by James Coburn and the snake-headed, beguiling receptionist Celia, played by Jennifer Tilly.

Since children are considered to be toxic to the monster world - even a stray sock alerts a task force. One night after work, however, Sullivan opens a closet door and accidentally lets in a little human girl. From that moment on, Mike and Sullivan's lives are turned upside down. With the Child Detection Agency (CDA) hot on their trial, they'll do everything to hide the little girl.

To make matter worse, Sullivan develops an attachment to the child, named Boo, and feels obligated to sneak her back to her room safely.

The chaos and animated antics comes to life in an action-packed, adventure-based platformer.


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