What is a passkey?

A passkey is a password replacement that provides faster, easier, and more secure sign-in to your account for PlayStation Network. It allows you to access your account without a password. Instead, you sign in through your mobile device or computer using the same convenient device screen unlocking method like a fingerprint, face scan or PIN.

Why activate a passkey?

A passkey makes signing in faster by removing the step of typing out a password, letting you get into your games more quickly. 

A passkey also reduces the vulnerability associated with traditional password-based systems: It cannot be guessed or reused, is tied to your account for PlayStation Network and can only be accessed by you.  

Passkeys are safer than passwords because they are resistant to phishing and other types of cyberattacks like data breaches.

How do I activate and use a passkey?

You can set up a passkey in the security section of the Account Management settings on your PS5, PS4, computer or mobile device.

You can also visit passkey support pages for step-by-step instructions and view commonly asked questions.

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