Guidelines for Social Media Practitioners


Who should read these guidelines?

You should read these guidelines if you are a social media practitioner, who has been seeded with product, received a sponsorship payment, received any free event tickets, travel benefits, incentivized in any way, or otherwise has an ongoing relationship with SIEA (“PlayStation”).

Why are these guidelines important?

These guidelines will help to ensure that you and SIEA comply with certain laws and regulatory guidelines such as the Federal Trade Commission’s Endorsement Guides and Dot Com Disclosures when you create social media assets that are related to SIEA products and services. SIEA firmly believes that consumers should be informed when a social media practitioner has a relationship with SIEA even if that practitioner is writing about his/her personal experience with an SIEA product or service.

SIEA is committed to ensuring that all social media practitioners who have received any products, payments, free or reduced event tickets or travel benefits or any other incentive, disclose this information in his/her social media content.

Examples where these guidelines apply

These guidelines apply to any situation in which you post social media content describing, endorsing, promoting, or mentioning any SIEA product, service, or event. Generally, if you do or say something on social media related to the PlayStation brand and you have an affiliation or have received anything from SIEA that is not readily available to the public, you must disclose that affiliation. Talk to your SIEA representative if you have questions.

Social Media Practitioner Guidelines

Be transparent: SIEA demands transparency about your identity and relationship to SIEA. We are committed to ensuring that our sponsored social media practitioners (including blogs, microblogs, forums, and any other social media) clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationship to SIEA, including incentives and sponsorship. Please be sure this information is readily apparent to the public and readers of each of your posts. If the content in your post does not conspicuously disclose your relationship, including incentives and sponsorship, you must add information to provide this to the audience. Some examples are to use “#ad” or “#sponsored” at the beginning of tweets or “Sponsored” in other social media posts. In videos, use a simultaneous written disclosure and voice over at the beginning and end of your video that notifies the public of the sponsorship or incentive.

Some examples are “Thank you PlayStation for sponsoring this video”, “This video is sponsored by PlayStation”, and “Sponsored by PlayStation”. If you were seeded with product, this must be disclosed. An example of this is “Thank you PlayStation for the free copy of [insert game title].”

Be specific: Do not make general claims about SIEA products, events or services, but talk specifically about what you experienced.

Be yourself: We encourage you to write in the first person and stick to your area of expertise as it relates to SIEA.

Be conscientious: Keep in mind that what you write is your responsibility and failure to abide by these guidelines could put your SIEA sponsorship or incentive at risk. Also please always follow the terms and conditions for any third-party sites in which you participate.

Other Resources

US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) resources: The FTC revised the “.com Disclosures” guidance in March 2013. The guide is available here:

In addition, the FTC created a short video that provides an overview of the endorsement guides.

The FTC also provides a set of frequently asked questions that includes common examples of endorsements and requirements.


If you have any questions regarding any SIEA Social Media Guidelines, please contact your SIEA Point of Contact. If you have any questions regarding the correct SIEA legal point of contact, please contact