SIE Social Media Practitioner Guidelines


These Guidelines apply to you if you have been provided with a free product(s), received a  payment, received any free event tickets, travel benefits, entry in an SIE sweepstakes, incentivized in any way, or have an ongoing relationship with Sony Interactive Entertainment, LLC (“SIE”) and post content on any social media platform.

These Guidelines will help to ensure that you and SIE comply with applicable advertising laws and regulatory guidelines such as the Federal Trade Commission’s (“FTC’s”) Endorsement and Testimonial Guides and Dot Com Disclosures when you create social media posts that are related to SIE products and services. SIE firmly believes that consumers should be informed when the creator of asocial media post has a relationship with SIE even if you are writing about your personal experience with an SIE product or service.


Be transparent: SIE requires transparency about your relationship with SIE. Disclose your connection with SIE prominently and in close connection with your statement about SIE’s products or services. This information must be easily apparent to the public and readers of each of your posts or if you have an ongoing relationship with SIE, then also in the bio of your profile page of your social media account.

You can do this by making it clear in the content in the body of your post, for example: “Thank you PlayStation for the free game” or you can also disclose your relationship by including the following within your social media post:

  • tag @PlayStation, unless otherwise instructed or agreed with SIE;
  • Include the use of “#ad”, “#paid” or “#sponsored”,  either at the beginning or end of the social media post;
  • Disclosure cannot be:
    • buried after a link/URL or
    • placed between other hashtags where it could be lost, or
    • be below the fold so that the reader has to click ‘See more’;
  • Video content (includes livestreaming): Disclosure must be overlaid on the first snap/post and use a simultaneous written disclosure and voice over at the beginning and end of your video. Some examples are “Thank you PlayStation for sponsoring this video”, “This video is sponsored by PlayStation”, and “Sponsored by PlayStation”.

All of the above applies regardless of the social media platform you post on and should be applied even if the platform has built in ad/sponsored tools.

If you have been provided with a free product(s), this must be disclosed. An example of this is “Thank you PlayStation for the free copy of [insert game title].”

The following are ways not to make disclosures: #sp, #partner, ‘thank you PlayStation’, disclosure only in a bio/page description and not in each post, burying disclosure at the end of a long post or among several hashtags, disclosure being one click away or any way that is not prominent and in close connection with the statement about SIE or its products and services.

Be specific: Stick to facts for any statements you make about SIE products, events or services and talk specifically about what you experienced as a user. Do not make general claims about SIE products or services.

Be yourself: We encourage you to write in the first person and provide your honest opinion.

Keep in mind that what you write is your responsibility and failure to abide by these Guidelines and the FTC’s guidelines will put yourself and your relationship with SIE at risk. Also please always follow the terms and conditions for any social media platforms on which you participate and post.

Other Resources

The FTC created a short video that provides an overview of the endorsement guides.

The FTC also provides a set of frequently asked questions that includes common examples of endorsements and requirements.


If you have any questions regarding these SIE Social Media Guidelines, please contact your SIE Point of Contact.

I, _________________________________ [PRINT NAME] acknowledge that I have received and read SIE’s Social Media Practitioner Guidelines and agree to comply with them.