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PlayStation®VR Aim Controller


Precise Aiming for PlayStation®VR

Aim Controller

PlayStation®VR Aim Controller heightens the experience of any compatible shooter for your PlayStation®VR. Precise motion tracking, ergonomic design, and deeply intuitive controls keep your shots lightning fast and deadly accurate. Together with vibration feedback, the Aim Controller lets you feel the action as you are transported to incredible and unexpected gaming worlds.

Available May 16th, 2017.


  • Precise and intuitive aiming for compatible PlayStation®VR shooter games
  • Advanced motion sensing and light tracking technology
  • Ergonomic two-handed control
  • Easily-accessible DUALSHOCK®4 controls
  • Immersive vibration feedback
  • Rechargeable battery

“PlayStation®Camera (sold separately) required for PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®VR Aim Controller functionality.  


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Farpoint with Aim Controller Bundle

Prepare for transport to an unnerving alien world with the PlayStation®VR Aim Controller.

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