PlayStation Career Pathways

Increasing the pipeline of historically marginalized talent in the gaming industry.

What is PlayStation Career Pathways?

PlayStation Career Pathways is a multi-year career readiness program that elevates the next generation of business, creative and technical talent, bridges the opportunity gap, and removes financial barriers to higher education. Pathways Scholars get access to scholarships, mentorships and insider gaming industry expertise.

How does the program work?

PlayStation Career Pathways is designed to provide participants (Pathways Scholars) with access, opportunity, education and exposure to gaming careers and to the gaming industry.


The multi-year program provides:

  • Scholarship. Each Pathways Scholar receives a scholarship in the amount of $30k to help off set the cost of their university education. 
  • Education and career readiness. Pathways Scholars will receive access to education materials that will prepare them for finding and working in careers in the gaming industry. This will include behind the scenes video content, mock interview training, tips for building and maintaining a professional portfolio of their work, and much more.
  • Mentorship and advocacy. Each Pathways Scholar is matched with a Pathways Pro (mentor) to help guide them in their exploration of the gaming industry. In addition to being a professional mentor, Pathways Pros will also open their networks to scholars to help them further build their community within gaming. 

  • Industry exposure. Pathways Scholars will receive opportunities to attend industry events, conferences, studio tours, and panels to provide them a more robust picture of what a career in gaming can entail. 

  • Community building. Each Pathways Scholar will be part of a cohort of students who are also pursuing careers in the gaming industry. We intend for this to be a peer network where scholars can encourage and learn from each other during their academic journey and beyond.

What can Pathways Scholars expect?

Pathways Scholars can expect to explore and engage in numerous opportunities to support their career interests and development within the gaming industry. Some of those opportunities include:

  • Pathways Pros Mentorship Program. Scholars will be matched with a PlayStation employee mentor to support their interests and development.

  • Mock interviews & skill building. Scholars will have the opportunity to build out portfolios and learn key interview skills in order to prepare them for careers in industry.

  • Studio tours. Scholars will get the chance to visit PlayStation Studios and witness first hand a day in the life of a Sony Interactive employee. 

  • Job shadowing. Scholars will learn about the different career paths that are available to them in gaming.

  • Executive AMAs and industry experts. Scholars will get the chance to hear directly from Studio Executives and industry experts and ask questions about their experience.

  • Networking events. Scholars will get the opportunity to meet and hear from members of Sony Interactive employees and experience what it’s like to be part of an internal community at PlayStation.

  • Industry conferences. Scholars will gain access to live industry events such as the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and participate in the full live event experience, network with current industry attendees and get a first-hand look at up-and-coming products and technology.

How do I apply to PlayStation Career Pathways?

PlayStation Career Pathways was designed to engage university students who have an interest in careers in the gaming industry.

The program supports students from our partner universities seeking to specialize in the following areas:

  • Business areas. Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Communications, Business operations and/or Sales.

  • Creative areas. Art & Animation, Programming, Development, Audio & Music, and/or Scriptwriting & Storytelling

  • Technical areas. Software Engineering, Platform Experience, Future Technology Group, QA and/or IT & Security.

Interested students should apply below through one of our participating university partners and meet their specific eligibility requirements in order to enroll in the program. 


This is a multi-year program designed to provide university students with mentorship, industry exposure, education, mentorship and career readiness.

No. PlayStation Career Pathways is a scholarship, education and mentorship program that supports students in understanding if a career in the gaming industry is the right choice for them.

Interested students can apply above through our program partners. For more information about the program that isn’t available on this page, please reach out to the programs team at

Scholars will get behind the scenes insight into AAA game development and production. They’ll also have an opportunity to begin developing the leadership and technical skills necessary for successfully working in the gaming industry.

No. Any student, regardless of their area of study, who is interested in pursuing a career in the tech/gaming industry is eligible for the scholarship.

Yes. The PlayStation Career Pathways Mentoring Program pairs scholars with experienced mentors, who can provide real-world insights and support, thus nurturing a new generation of Black and indigenous talent in the gaming industry.