Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign

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The Insectocytes have invaded PSP; can you survive the bug onslaught?

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: FluffyLogic
    Savage Moon PSP screenshot

    • The PS3 space bug saga invades PSP featuring brand new gameplay controls and command skills

    • Battle it out with two new species, plus two new sub-species of Insectocyte

    • Explore 20 new Imoons in this PSP exclusive

    Savage Moon PSP screenshot

    The war continues

    Protect your mining colony from vicious hordes of invaders using strategy, skill and an array of spectacular firepower! Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign is an action-packed tower defence strategy game that takes you to planets far out in deep space where you must defend mining facilities from relentless Insectocyte monsters. In it, you will build weaponised towers in strategic locations in order to fend off wave after wave of increasingly tough alien foes hell-bent on destroying you and your people.

    Then use funds from kills and mining to build, upgrade, or research new weapons and technologies to strengthen your defences. It's going to take equal parts skill and strategy to survive in The Hera Campaign with your abilities being tested to the max in over 20 engaging levels. Have you got what it takes to defeat the Insectocyte army and defend your mining colonies? Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign is your chance to prove it.

    Savage Moon PSP screenshot

    The bugs have infected PSP

    Starting life out on PlayStation Store for PS3, Savage Moon has gone through a number of changes for the best experience on PSP. The analog stick controls the camera in the game, while pressing the X button over the clear section of the Imoon brings up the game's interface. From there, you can push the analog stick in various directions to navigate through your units, upgrades, research technologies and command skills. Once you get to grips with that, drag the cursor over the piece of land you wish to place your units on and they will automatically appear there.

    Like Savage Moon on PS3, The Hera Campaign features a haunting soundtrack that perfectly adds to the experience of the game. Along with music from the first game, you can also unlock a number of new, equally eerie songs to accompany your missions, adding another dimension of space terror to the game's new maps. Plus, with the superb sound design of the original carried over, including the memorable whirr of the turrets gunning down bugs, Savage Moon on PSP is the perfect companion piece to its PS3 counterpart.

    Savage Moon PSP screenshot

    Mythical inspiration

    The bugs in Savage Moon are deadly carnivorous creatures that come in all shapes and sizes that spawn from gaping holes in each of the planets you mine. At the outset you will face off against weaker species that can only scuttle along the ground and are unable to reach your gun placement towers, and as the game progresses you will have to deal with heavily armoured Insectocytes called Gargantuan ground troops.

    Not all Insectocytes are limited to the ground; some types can take to the air and can destroy your gun placements. The look and feel of the bugs was greatly inspired by the 1997 Academy Award winning film Starship Troopers directed by Paul Verhoeven and based on the book by Robert A. Heinlein. Much like the bugs in the film, they too evolve over the course of the game. Interestingly, developer FluffyLogic has chosen to name Savage Moon's various planets after mythical creatures, deities and figures from ancient history. For example, the first planet you encounter in The Hera Campaign is Ahpuch, named after one of the Mayan Death Gods.

    With 20 new planets, additional Insectocytes and a nod to science fiction action cinema, Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign is an essential purchase for fans of the original PS3 version and for anyone looking for a game that puts their strategy gaming skills to the test. Download Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign from PlayStation Store and start hunting bugs!

    Savage Moon PSP screenshot

    Plan of attack

    With 20 new maps and two additional alien species to contend with in Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign you will be kept busy defending your posts from attacks and learning each of the new map's layout. Gameplay is easy to learn and tough to master and success on each map depends on how you plan your attacks and strategy. The best way to do this is to surround any turret guns you have placed on the map, which are supported by repair kits, with blocking towers. That way, you can force the bugs into a bottleneck. Once inside, they're trapped and you can blast them into outer space with a well placed spray of bullets.

    However, it's not always that simple. The bugs come in all shapes and sizes, which means you'll need to think even harder about your plan of attack as each wave rolls towards you. Developer FluffyLogic has uploaded a guide for each map on its website. That way, if you find yourself being bombarding by the marauding bugs, help is always at hand and can be found at

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