Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party

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  • Also on PS3

It's multiplayer monkey mayhem!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle / Family
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Magenta
  • Also on PS3
  • Take control of a mischievous monkey to challenge your friends and become 'King of the Jungle'
  • Use the Buzz! Buzzers to take part in the fast, fun and frantic action
  • Mini-games galore! Risk your neck in a lion's mouth, pelt coconuts at menacing tortoises or enjoy some 'farty' time when relaxing in the jungle Jacuzzi (but beware of the head bashing gorilla!)...
Buzz! Junior Jungle Party screenshot 5

May the best monkey win!

The joy of buzzing comes to younger players for the first time with Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party. Get ready for some (not very) serious monkey business.

The Buzz! quiz series on PlayStation 2 has already gone down a storm - but while younger players are drawn to the buzzers and their oh-so-pressable buttons, the trivia challenges of the Buzz! studio can sometimes be a bit too tricky for them.

That's where Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party comes in. The first in a series of Buzz! Junior titles, Jungle Party introduces the social gaming phenomenon to players aged six to ten - but the fun is so infectious and simple, even adults can play.

Jungle Party equips up to four players with a new Buzz! Junior buzzer and casts each in the role of a cheeky monkey, pitting them against each other in a variety of madcap games that are guaranteed to have everyone in stitches. And with 40 different mini-games included, the Jungle Party could easily go way past bedtime.

Each of the mini-games is simple to play, using only the buzzer and the four coloured selection buttons to make your monkey do what he needs to do. This makes it easy for anyone to pick up and play, and concentrate on what's really important - beating their friends.

Let the games begin

Each of the quick-fire mini-games is jammed full of cheeky slapstick humour, and designed to encourage good-humoured competition. A universal favourite - and an indicator of the game's sense of humour - sees the monkeys sitting in a hot tub with a gorilla. Pressing the buzzer produces a stream of highly suspect bubbles on the water's surface, but if you get caught out by the gorilla, you'll lose your points!

Other games let you target your opponents, so if someone is threatening your lead - or getting too far ahead - you can dock their points by zapping them with electricity, passing them a ticking bomb, and other madcap manoeuvres.

Perfect for parties, Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party will go down a storm at any family gathering - and with more Buzz! Junior titles on the way, those buzzers will be bashed for some time yet.

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