Back to the Future: The Game

  • PS3

Marty McFly and Doc Brown are back in an all new time-travelling adventure on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Publisher: TellTale Games
  • Developer: TellTale Games
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    • Travel through time in the famous DeLorean and meet up with the McFlys, Tannens and Browns as you try to amend timelines and prevent terrible mistakes.
    • Experience an adventure created in conjunction with the Back to the Future series co-creator and writer, Bob Gale.
    • Immerse yourself in a story featuring the likenesses of Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd, and with Christopher Lloyd voicing the character of Doc Brown.
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    It's time to go Back…

    Things have been a little quiet in 1986 since the time travelling Doctor Emmett Brown left. And not even his teenage companion, Marty McFly, has heard from him in months. With Doc Brown gone, his estate is swooped upon to be auctioned off by city officials, despite Marty's protests.

    Only when a duplicate of the previously destroyed DeLorean time machine mysteriously appears does Marty realise that something has gone horribly wrong. Realising Doc is in danger, it's up to you as Marty to discover which time period he's trapped in and take a perilous trip through the time stream. Great Scott!

    Helped by Back to the Future trilogy co-creator Bob Gale, the team behind Back to the Future: The Game has filled this PlayStation 3 title with lots of references that fans of the movies will love. The story is funny, charming and well paced, with some snappy dialogue to make time fly when you play.

    Engaging and fun, Back to the Future: The Game is a great continuation of a much loved series, with you as the star. The clock is ticking... will you save Doc in time?

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    The future of graphic adventures

    An epic, time spanning adventure awaits you in Back to the Future: The Game on PlayStation 3. It's About Time is the first of five episodes available to download from PlayStation Store and chronicles the danger filled escapades of Doctor Emmett Brown and Marty McFly.

    Fans of the Back to the Future trilogy will feel right at home with the excellent cartoon style of the setting and main characters. The mannerisms of Marty, Doc, the Tannens and the McFlys are all wonderfully captured, while the trilogy's memorable soundtrack is sure to inspire a grand sense of adventure.

    Unfamiliar with Back to the Future? Or do time travel tales tangle you into a tizzy? Never fear, as its accessible sci-fi story is introduced with a retelling of one of the first film's key scenes, gently establishing the characters and basic concepts to make sure everything is a breeze to follow. There is also an adjustable hints system if you're ever stuck for what to do next or need clues to solve a tricky puzzle.

    Your future can only be saved by exploring the past - and Back to the Future: The Game looks and sounds up to date for the task.

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    "Think, McFly, think!"

    Have a little time to test the ol' grey matter? Like all good adventures, Back to the Future: The Game on PlayStation 3 teases your brain cells, offering puzzles mixed with action, all spiced up with clever dialogue to keep you entertained. You guide the hero of the hour, Marty McFly, around various environments as he attempts to save his friend Doctor Emmett Brown from a grisly fate.

    If there's anything which is worth investigating, an icon will appear allowing Marty to interact with it. You can also have a chat with other characters to gather clues and progress the plot, as well as giving you the opportunity to enjoy some of the more humorous lines of speech from a selection of replies and questions.

    While the witty dialogue livens up your quest, it's the puzzles that will keep you on your toes. No matter how intricate they may seem, the solutions are always logical, giving you great satisfaction when you smash a lingering brain-teaser. The variety of puzzles is perfectly balanced to keep you interested, with some requiring you to use objects in your inventory while others need you to juggle several actions at once.

    If you're stuck, a friendly hint system is in place to offer a helping hand. After all, even Marty needed a little assistance from time to time...

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