PlayStation VR aim controller

 Stay sharp, focused and fully immersed with an advanced weapon for your PS VR arsenal.

Triangle Circle Shapes
Square Cross Shapes

Take aim

Discover a new level of intense action with the PS VR Aim controller and bring incredible precision to compatible PS VR games.

Take down targets with deadly accuracy, feel the controller vibrate in your hands and stay immersed in every skirmish thanks to built-in motion sensors and intuitive DUALSHOCK 4 controls.


Make every shot count

Precision gunplay

Aim down your in-game sights, get a lock on your target and let the integrated motion sensors and light sphere keep your shots deadly accurate.

Complete immersion

Feel the kick as you fire and see your controller replicated as a virtual weapon, giving you a physical connection to your VR world.

Adaptive control

Move through virtual worlds with twin sticks and DUALSHOCK 4 controls, built for left and right handed players, keeping you armed and ready for any firefight.


Compatible games

Live the game with a range of PS VR Aim controller compatible titles available now or coming soon.

Bravo Team

Give yourself a shot at survival in the gritty urban guerrilla warfare of Bravo Team, and make the PS VR Aim controller your secret weapon against a relentless foe.


Embark on a perilous journey across an extra-terrestrial world in Farpoint – created with the PS VR aim controller in mind to deliver an enhanced, immersive and action-packed survival adventure.


Blast your way through the nightmarish hellscapes of legendary FPS Doom in virtual reality and lay waste to horrific demons with an arsenal of weapons – all recreated by the PS VR Aim controller.

Arizona Sunshine

In the blistering heat of the desert, you’ll have to scavenge to survive – particularly with flesh-hungry zombies infesting every canyon and mine shaft you stumble upon.

Dick Wilde

When mutant critters emerge from the depths of the swamp, the world needs a pest control expert with nerves of steel – and a whole arsenal of weapons, mapped to the dimensions of the PS VR aim controller – to see them off with.

Special Delivery

Dodge cars, dogs and tornadoes as you grow your subscriber base and expand your paper route as you deliver newspapers with total PS VR Aim controller precision. 

The Brookhaven Experiment

Hordes of monsters are heading your way – take aim with a cache of assault rifles, shotguns and hunting rifles to keep them at bay and survive the apocalypse. 

ROM: Extraction

Take on extraterrestrial robots with a combination of futuristic weapons and your ability to slow down time - so you can take down targets with total precision.

Firewall: Zero Hour

Attack and defend tactical objectives in team-based shooter where stealth, coordination and deadly precision are essential in securing your target.



PlayStation Move motion controllers

Built to connect you intuitively with virtual worlds, PlayStation Move motion controllers allow you to effortlessly interact with your virtual reality environment, mimicking real-world actions for an incredible sense of presence in compatible PS VR games.