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  • ps2
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
  • Developer: TBC
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On the forsaken remains that were once the proud planet called Astara, the villagers of Rockhaven lead difficult but peaceful lives, until the day the Shadowraith, Dark Yabu, and his minions sweep down from the sky. With terrible ferocity and ruthless efficiency they descend upon the townsfolk, enslaving them to work deep in the caves that surround their village.

The Dark Yabu kills Vargas, the grandfather of the young Vexx, who manages to slip quietly aboard the enemy’s windship. There, locked deep within Yabu’s sanctum, lie the last pair of Astani war talons. The talons leap from their chest onto Vexx’s outstretched hands, bonding to his arms and giving him special powers.

Vexx embarks upon a heroic quest to confront Dark Yabu high atop the Landspire, save his people, and avenge the death of his grandfather.

• Platform gaming has grown up! Rescuing a princess and butt bouncing away your enemies has been replaced by avenging murder and a set of razor sharp war talons;

• 9 extraordinary worlds span tree canopy villages, mysterious caves, desert temples, underwater cities, frozen citadels, and more;

• Over 70 objectives covering over 30 solid hours of gameplay;

• Central hub system allows players to travel between worlds at their leisure;

• Free climbing mode allows players to climb uneven surfaces and dangle beneath overhangs;

• Day and night cycles with real-time lighting. Darkness changes the landscape and characters: enemies become more aggressive and the environments become more hostile;

• Ultra-responsive player control that reacts instantly to player inputs: gamers can cancel a move midway through and fire off extensive combo attacks;

• Hidden sundials allowing players to change the time of day;

• Advanced environment mapping produce reflections, glows, and highlights on Vexx’s metal gloves and knee guards;

• Highly flexible cinematic camera system;

• Epic soundtrack and stunning 3D surround sound effects.


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