Altered Beast

Unleash the animal within. Ah, what the heck, unleash all eight of them, as Sega's shapeshifting monster mash morphs onto PS2.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sega

    Sega gives a new lease of life to a Megadrive classic in Altered Beast, a fast-paced, blood-spattered action extravaganza resurrected on PS2. The game's irresistible hook is that your character has the power to transform into a scary selection of monstrous and mythical beasts, including werewolf, minotaur and Kong-style giant ape.

    You play a powerful but tormented military operative, sent to investigate a genetic mishap in a small town on the West Coast of America. What begins as a recon mission quickly transforms into an exercise in survival and a quest to discover your true origins, as genetically-modified enemies launch themselves towards you with alarming frequency.

    Horror and gore lurk around every corner, with huge environments to explore and hideously mutated bosses to contend with. The painful transformations into the various creatures are played out in graphic cut sequences so, following the obligatory bit of head clutching and screaming, you can watch hair sprout, fangs grow, horns emerge, and suchlike before the action kicks in.

    • Become one of eight fearsome monsters, including minotaur, dragon, and werewolf

    • Unleash brutal attacks unique to each creature

    • Collect DNA to upgrade attributes and unlock combos


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