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What is Elden Ring?

Brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.     

The Golden Order has been broken. 

In the Lands Between ruled by Queen Marika the Eternal, the Elden Ring, the source of the Erdtree, has been shattered.

Marika's offspring, demigods all, claimed the shards of the Elden Ring known as the Great Runes, and the mad taint of their newfound strength triggered a war: The Shattering. A war that meant abandonment by the Greater Will.

And now the guidance of grace will be brought to the Tarnished who were spurned by the grace of gold and exiled from the Lands Between.

Ye dead who yet live, your grace long lost, follow the path to the Lands Between beyond the foggy sea to stand before the Elden Ring.

And become the Elden Lord. 

Why you should play Elden Ring

"Elden Ring has everything that long-time FromSoftware fans have come to love about its games: challenging yet rewarding boss battles, fantastical world design and tight combat controls that make every enemy encounter memorable.

But this isn’t your average ‘Souls’ game. Expect a huge and diverse open world to explore, stealth gameplay, an overhauled approach to multiplayer, new movement mechanics and a steed called Torrent to aid you on your journey.

This all combines to offer a new degree of freedom compared to its predecessors, making Elden Ring perhaps the most accessible ‘Soulslike’ for newcomers to the genre in years."

- PlayStation.com Editorial Team

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ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Premium Bundle PS4 & PS5

  • Shadow of the Erdtree-utvidelsen
  • Digital illustrasjonsbok og OST
  • Shadow of the Erdtree-bonusgest*

Standard Edition


SOTE Edition

  • Shadow of the Erdtree-utvidelsen
  • Shadow of the Erdtree-bonusgest*

SOTE Deluxe Edition

  • Shadow of the Erdtree-utvidelsen
  • Digital illustrasjonsbok og OST
  • Shadow of the Erdtree-bok og OST
  • Shadow of the Erdtree-bonusgest*

Elden Ring key features

A new fantasy world

Unravel the mysteries of the Elden Ring’s power. Encounter adversaries with profound backgrounds, characters with their own unique motivations for helping or hindering your progress and fearsome creatures. 

World exploration in the Lands Between

Traverse the breathtaking world on foot or on horseback, alone or online with other players. Fully immerse yourself in the grassy plains, swamps,  mountains, castles and other sites of grandeur on a scale never seen before in a FromSoftware title.

Genre-defining gameplay

Create your character and define your playstyle by experimenting with a wide variety of weapons, magical abilities and skills found throughout the world. You can also take the fight to the Colosseum's arenas for multiple PvP modes. Many options are at your disposal as you decide how to approach exploration and combat. 


Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Begin an all-new story set in the Land of Shadow, one full of mystery, perilous dungeons, new enemies, weapons and equipment.

Discover uncharted territories, face formidable adversaries and revel in the satisfying triumph of victory. Meet characters whose own stories intertwine in this immersive experience rich in drama and intrigue.

Beginner's tips

How to survive your first few hours in Elden Ring

Haven't tackled a 'Soulslike' before? Not sure which is the best character type or how to approach enemies? Read our tips to help you begin your journey in the Lands Between.

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