Ridge Racer 2

Nine new circuits, eight new cars and three new race modes mark a new outing for the classic Ridge Racer on PSP.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.

    Ridge Racer is back with an adrenaline fuelled racing experience featuring many new courses and vehicles.

    Put your foot down, kick in the nitrous and roar through 42 intense, challenging courses. Master the drift handling and take corners at exhilarating speeds to leave opponents trailing in your wake.

    • New Arcade, Duel and Survival modes in addition to the original Time Attack mode and rearranged World Tours mode
    • 62 high-speed vehicles available with eight brand new cars
    • Compete against up to eight players via Ad Hoc Mode
    Veteran racer returns to PSP

    Veteran racer returns to PSP

    The hi-octane thrills and spills of redline racing powerslide back onto PSP as Ridge Racer 2 starts its engine.

    As Associate Producer Hideo Teramoto says, Ridge Racer 2 is more an "evolution" of the original than a true sequel. This awesome follow-up expands upon the original giving you more cars, more tracks, more modes and more foot-to-the-floor action than you can shake a stick shift at.

    Already one of the most popular videogame racing series on any platform, Ridge Racer's trademark arcade handling, over-the-top powersliding and gorgeous visuals made it an instant hit when the 13-year-old series made its debut on PSP in September 2005. Despite the huge number of courses, cars and modes, fans demanded even more nitrous-powered action, and so Namco brings us Ridge Racer 2.

    Riiidge Racerrrrrr!

    Taking the first PSP game as its foundation, RR2 expands the game in all directions. Firstly, RR1's array of 24 courses (including Mirror courses) is expanded to a whopping 42 tracks taken from every iteration of Ridge Racer from the 1993 Arcade original up to the console version of Ridge Racer Type 4 - the most in any RR game ever. Four new cars roll from the team lorry to the sound of an extra 12 music tracks bringing the total to 42 (including a groovy Katamari Damacy one).

    Apart from a stunning, new opening movie starring the gorgeous Reiko Nagase, the most notable addition under Ridge Racer 2's bonnet is a suite of turbo-charged new modes plus the return of some not-so-old favourites. The main World Tour mode returns giving you the opportunity to battle your way through a massive championship of races around the globe and across the pages of Ridge Racer history.

    Duel shocks

    New to RR2 is the Duel mode, pitting you against a single ultimate racer in a desperate head-to-head race for glory, and is certainly one to challenge even the most hardened virtual driver. Survival is another new mode; taking its cue from Need for Speed, at the end of each lap the driver in last place is culled from the race, keeping you in a high speed battle to stay ahead of the pack. Add to that the Time Attack, Arcade (AKA Single Race) and the Ad Hoc Wireless Battle and you can see what a bumper pack you have here.

    Ridge Racer fans the world over can rejoice and pull on their racing gloves once more, as Ridge Racer 2 delivers more of what you want at a speed that'll make your eyes water.
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