When Vikings Attack™

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Scream out the battle cry, unite your neighbourhoods and send the Vikings packing.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Clever Beans
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  • Fend off a battalion of Viking invaders, bewildered after landing in modern-day Britain 1200 years too late.
  • Form a team of up to four co-operative players to fight off the tardy attackers, via PlayStation Network.
  • Complete special challenges and discover hidden treasures before the Vikings can get their grubby hands on them.
  • Begin your fightback on PlayStation 3 and continue it on PlayStation Vita thanks to the Cross-Play and Cross-Save features.  
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The Vikings are coming

Are you ready for the wackiest invasion you've ever seen? Prepare for an assault on your senses in When Vikings Attack on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. This wild action game has a wonderfully solid look, as everything from shopping trolleys to telephone boxes is used in the carnage. Each of the 15 distinct environments is filled with vibrant colours and props that make it seem like a toy world come to life, and even the vicious Vikings are adorably cute.

The cheery music and sound effects complement this distinctive look. Environments are filled with unique sounds that perfectly match their visuals, delivering a fantastic sense of discovery while you're exploring the world. The characters also contribute to the impressive audio, each with their own distinctive grunts and mutterings to accompany their efforts against the attacking Norse hordes.

Clever Beans has carefully crafted this charming approach throughout the game, especially with the in-game videos. Inspired by old propaganda films, the matter of fact announcer explains the dangers of the attacking Viking armies. Offering tongue-in-cheek advice on how to keep the marauders at bay, warnings of the dangers they pose and some stiff upper lip support, these entertaining videos are the true reward for success.

When Vikings Attack Gamescom 2012 screenshot

A vicious game of catch

When Vikings Attack is the most hectic game of dodgeball ever played. The goal is simple; grab whatever isn't nailed down and hurl it at the invaders. With reinforcements constantly pouring out to bolster the Vikings' numbers, the action can quickly descend into delightful, reflex-testing chaos.

Supporting Cross-Buy, meaning you only need to buy the PlayStation 3 version to download the PS Vita version at no extra cost and vice versa, When Vikings Attack is easy to pick up and play. Use the right stick to control where your defenders run, or tap the throw button to launch objects at the Viking mob. There is also the all-important dash button, which provides a vital burst of speed to avoid any incoming objects and can even help you snatch thrown items out of the air.

Keeping a good number of defenders together is vital as larger teams can throw larger and more destructive objects. Recruiting panicking civilians is one way to build numbers, and Vikings can also be forced into retreat when using the right weapon, making it the best way to thin the opposition.

Each of the 15 stages adds its own twist to the gameplay, and carefully seeing how these changes can be used to your advantage is the key to victory. Although all-out aggression can often be the solution, clever use of the environment is sometimes more effective, especially during the challenging boss battles. Never fear if you need more opportunities to continue your battle - take advantage of Cross-Save, which lets you pick up your PS3 save game where you left off on your PS Vita and vice versa. So you can make sure those pesky Vikings are never safe from a little payback.

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Pillage with friends

While When Vikings Attack's exciting Quest Mode provides a lasting single player campaign, with leader boards to keep you coming back for more and the multiplayer options delivers even more excitement. Quest Mode can be played with up to three mates, each controlling their own troop of civilian defenders, bringing more madcap mayhem into play.

If head-to-head action is more to your tastes there are also three competitive modes on offer: Last Man Standing, Vikings vs. Vigilantes and Gold Rush. Each game type brings a different twist on the grab and run gameplay and, with over 20 arenas to duke it out in, they offer more than enough fun to keep you battling into the wee hours.

All of the multiplayer modes can be played either offline on PlayStation 3 or online via PlayStation Network. The revolutionary Cross-Play feature also means you can mix it up with a combination of PS3 and PS Vita gamers at the same time and go head to horned helmet whenever you like.

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When Vikings Attack™

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