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Cast spells, mix magic potions and save the Fairie Kingdom from the grip of the Nightmare Queen.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCEA Santa Monica Studio / The Workshop
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    • Save your people by defeating monsters, finding exotic treasure and ultimately vanquishing the Nightmare Queen.
    • Conjure up spells and drink potions as the PlayStation Move motion controller mirrors your actual movements in-game.
    • Battle through five unique realms and defeat countless enemies to improve your character and items.
    • Discover side quests and adventures throughout the Faerie Kingdom – confront the Banshee and the Restless Dead warriors, raid the Slumbering Palace to rescue Lord Fey or simply embark on missions for local townsfolk.
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    A Nightmare scenario

    A terrible darkness threatens to engulf the Faerie Kingdom in Sorcery on PlayStation 3, and you, a young sorcerer’s apprentice, are the unwitting cause. Now, you must harness the true power of magic to save your townsfolk and prove yourself.

    Ancient conflict between humans and faeries casts its long shadow over the two uneasy neighbours. In the struggle to save her land from human invaders a century ago, Lady Everfair was consumed by evil and became the merciless Nightmare Queen. The magical doorway between the two worlds was sealed; somehow, it has been re-opened and the Nightmare Queen provoked into a rage once more.

    As Finn, the eager student of a powerful sorcerer named Dash, you suddenly realise the lives of those closest to you are in mortal peril and that you must quickly develop your skills by exploring the Faerie Kingdom. There is one thing that tips the scales in your favour: the PlayStation Move motion controller, your formidable magic wand. 

    Embrace your magical potential, summon up the courage to confront the Nightmare Queen and the rift that threatens to destroy your homeland might just be healed – for the magic is in your hands.

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    Tales of might and magic

    Venturing into the mysterious world of Sorcery, you’ll feel as though you’re stepping into the pages of a classic fairy tale. In a way, you are: the account of how the Nightmare Queen exacted a terrible toll on her kingdom is told on the curling pages of a well-thumbed storybook.

    When you slip into the boots of Finn, you’ll see that the world of the Faerie Kingdom is even more magical beyond the book’s pages. Your leafy home town, with its huge castle and peaceful river, is worlds apart from the realm of the Nightmare Queen.

    Strange, glowing mushrooms populate the dark woods and underground caverns there, lending an eerie ambience to your journey. Once peaceful creatures are now fearsome enemies under the control of the vengeful monarch, while all around structures such as bridges and stairways lie in piles of rubble on the ground, waiting for you to mend them.

    When you step through the portal that joins the two lands, you’ll be struck by the sense that chaos is winning its battle with normality. You must trust your instincts: let yourself be spellbound by Sorcery but don’t succumb to the Nightmare Queen’s curse.

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    Heroes and villains

    No fairy tale adventure is complete without an intrepid hero, a wise old mentor, a trusted sidekick and, of course, a nemesis whose name alone has the power to intimidate. Here’s how Sorcery ticks all those boxes:

    • Finn: Eager to the point of impatience, young Finn has the potential to become a great sorcerer but needs to learn when to fight and when to run. His journey through the Faerie Kingdom will teach him incredible new skills as he runs into increasingly powerful foes.
    • Dash: Finn’s master is an often awe-inspiring wizard yet his teaching methods are painstaking, leaving Finn champing at the bit to prove his emerging prowess. 
    • Erline: On the surface, Finn’s loyal friend is a talking cat with detailed knowledge of the Faerie Kingdom and the dangers that lie within. But there’s more to Erline than meets the eye… 
    • The Nightmare Queen: The ruler of the Faerie Kingdom has become its most destructive force. After forging an alliance with the evil Nightmare, who granted her unimaginable power, Lady Everfair defeated the humans but corrupted her own realm. The key to defeating her lies with Lord Fey in the Slumbering Palace.
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    Spell it out

    Some legends are born with a sword in their hands and fire in their eyes. As Finn, however, your destiny is thrust upon you and you must face it with raw talent and all of your courage.

    Luckily, your PlayStation Move motion controller is the most powerful wand a young wizard could wish for, with every flick and swish conjuring up one of six core spells – Arcane, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Fire and Ice. As a student of magic, you’ll learn to combine these to devastating effect in the heat of battle.

    Launch an Arcane spell through a wall of flame, for instance, to unleash a deadly fireball. On the other hand, blasting three Ice spells at an enemy freezes them in their tracks, allowing you to shatter them with a well-placed Arcane shot.

    You can curl spells around cover, whip up lethal combos – such as a fiery hurricane that spits out balls of flame – and even use your wand to mend structures and move objects to unblock secret areas. And you can then take all your knowledge even further by creating new spells and potions using materials found on your quest.

    Your knowledge of sorcery may seem small at first in the face of trolls, undead soldiers and angry forest spirits, yet this enchanting adventure will soon provide you with a magical experience on PS3.

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