.hack//MUTATION Part 2

Enter a game within a game as Atari's beautiful and ambitious RPG .hack//MUTATION (Part 2) brings its thoroughly contagious wares to PS2.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game / Adventure
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Developer: Bandai

    Bandai and Atari have combined their collective might to create the four-part .hack series, with the first instalment of the incredibly pretty and admirably fresh take on the RPG genre arriving on these shores back in March 2004.

    Presented with a DVD animated movie to accompany the manga-styled game, .hack//MUTATION (Part 2) continues the mythology of the first episode, with plucky schoolboy Kite continuing his search for the truth regarding 'The World' - a massively multiplayer role-playing game which has ensnared all who play it.

    Although it's a game within a game, .hack//MUTATION (Part 2) is effectively still a straight-up RPG, albeit with an impressively unique (and post-modern) twist. You'll spend the majority of your time within The World searching for ways to help Orca, Kite's comatose friend - a victim of the game's deadly effects.

    Resolving to save his friend, and uncover the secrets of the game, Kite heads ever deeper into The World. As you hack and slash your way through beast (and treasure) filled dungeon levels, you'll encounter numerous characters who'll aid you on your quest. Choose to travel with two companions with unique abilities, such as strong-arm support or healing abilities, and head out in search of enemies to attack. You'll be armed with normal and special attacks, as well as the staple spell abilities for casting aside larger foes.

    A unique offering which is bound to delight fans of role-playing adventures and anime alike, .hack//MUTATION (Part 2) is an essential addition to the collection of owners of part 1.


    • .hack//MUTATION (Part 2) comes bundled with a DVD to accompany the videogame adventures

    • Port all your existing data from Part 1 to continue with Kite's adventures where you left off

    • Features new characters, environments, enemies and items


    • Players

      1 Players

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