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Arcade blasting shoots into the 21st century.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade / Shooter
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Just Add Water
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Gravity Crash E3 screenshots

Gravity Crash combines vintage arcade shoot 'em up gameplay with next generation visuals, to turn the heads of both core and new players alike.

Your mission is to navigate space, twisting tunnels, underwater caverns and other hazardous environments to fulfil a range of objectives. From destroying gun emplacements to saving crewmen, Gravity Crash brings back twitch-based gameplay where a steady hand is just as important as a keen aim.

With 30 planets to explore, each with varying challenges and goals, and glossed with psychedelic wireframe visuals using advanced special effects such as heat haze, refraction, blurs and more, Gravity Crash aims to fire it home that there's no school like the old school... with a brand new look.

  • Retro chic visuals with a High Definition finish
  • Blast your way through single and multiplayer modes for up to four players
  • Create your own stages with the Level Editor and share them with friends
  • See if you can escape from the Gravity Crash Maze in PlayStation Home*

*Please note that PlayStation Home is only available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Gravity Crash E3 screenshots

Blast off for fun with Gravity Crash

Need a quick fix of intense, engaging arcade action? Gravity Crash is just the thing for you.

Gravity Crash is a mesmerising blend of old school sensibilities and up to date gloss. The arcade shooter transports you to an age where charming neon glow wireframe visuals were all the rage, with one important addition - a 21st century shine.

The graphics mix functional simplicity with High Definition sharpness, dazzling special effects and a stunning attention to detail. Your nimble ship changes shape slightly when it enters water, the screen ripples from explosions and lava heat haze and your craft's afterburners sparkle wildly... these are just a few of the effects which can be seen in Gravity Crash, each one impressive without disrupting the retro feel. It's old school with new cool - and it works superbly.

There is plenty of gameplay variation to keep you coming back as well. Campaign Mode challenges you to complete a set number of objectives across numerous levels, where success unlocks worlds. Planet Mode lets you play the levels in any order, and there are a number of multiplayer modes to bring in your friends, too. There's so much more to Gravity Crash than a short shot of nostalgia.

Gravity Crash E3 screenshots

Enjoy the gravity of the situation

True to the era it's respecting, Gravity Crash offers addictive gameplay that you can dip in and out of whenever you want. You're placed in command of a small spacecraft given various objectives across five main systems. By entering each planet of the system you have to destroy a set number of targets, as well as collecting optional extras for point bonuses and accessing secret levels.

Armed with a laser, you'll be blasting enemy gun placements, avoiding deadly rockets, rescuing stranded crewmen and tackling large mechanical bosses that stand between you and your mission. There are even random events to keep you on your toes, such as a sudden meteor shower forcing you to take cover - or you can try and blast the falling rock from the sky if you're feeling brave.

Thankfully, your ship is well equipped for the job. Along with your trusty laser which can be upgraded, you also have a choice of special weapons, such as the Plasma Ball and Homing Drones, to use a finite number of times. You also have a shield to deflect blasts and impacts, although this needs to be replenished along with your ever dwindling fuel supply.

The controls are tight and responsive to aid you in the perilous navigation of each cavernous and gravity heavy planet, with options to increase your challenge with various control methods. Mastering the inertia of your ship takes practice, and there's a handy training mode to ease you into things.

Gravity Crash E3 screenshots

Open up Gravity Crash to the world

If going solo in a galaxy-spanning adventure across 30 planets isn't enough for you, there are also three multiplayer modes to enjoy for up to four offline players. You can choose from Deathmatch (kill or be killed), Salvage (locate and collect as many gems as you can before your opponents) and Race (speed around a level as quickly as you can to beat your foes).

Each mode is a fun and absorbing change of pace from the single player missions, requiring the same steady control with an added element of competition thrown into the mix. Going head-to-head around well devised maps with three friends is something you'll keep coming back to.

There is also a level editor to let you create your own fiendish stages to test friends and other Gravity Crash fans. The creation tools are powerful enough to make sure your creative vision is realised, which you can then upload for others to play on PlayStation Network. You can also go online and compare scores from the game on the global Leaderboards.

Gravity Crash is a blast of fresh air - so download it from PlayStation Network now and get shooting.

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