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Amidst a civil war, two members of the most feared unit, Dead Echo, strike out on their own.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Epic Games / People Can Fly
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    • Take on the role of Grayson Hunt, and use over-the-top combat moves and an arsenal of inventive weapons.
    • Try to survive as you find yourself stranded on the abandoned paradise planet of Stygia, surrounded by hordes of mutants and flesh eating gangs.
    • Get off the planet alive and exact revenge on the man who sent you there.
    BulletStorm screenshot

    Rough landing

    You have just crash-landed onto the most violent resort planet in the universe - and this is the good news. Welcome to the world of Bulletstorm on PlayStation 3, where you play as space pirate Grayson Hunt, a former soldier betrayed by his former commanding officer, General Sarrano.

    In a bloody quest for revenge, Grayson, while under the influence of alcohol, somehow managed to destroy both his own ship and the General's, and crashed onto the planet Stygia. Fortunately, he was lucky to survive alongside his right-hand man, Ishi Sato.

    The bad news is the once luscious Las Vegas - like resort has been overrun by cannibal maniacs and flesh-eating plant life, so it's up to Grayson and Ishi to find a way off the planet, all the while battling the General's forces, mutants and a monstrous creature that has been awoken from beneath the planet's crust. Good luck. You're going to need it.

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    Space pirates

    Bulletstorm features a roster of zany, funny and downright mean characters including Grayson Hunt, Ishi Sato and the dastardly General Victor Sarrano. You play as Grayson Hunt, a former member of Sarrano's Dead Echo squad who went AWOL and stole a military ship before embarking on a revenge fuelled mission after being duped into killing innocent people by Sarrano.

    Ishi Sato is Grayson's loyal right-hand man, who chose to follow him into a life of galactic looting and pillaging before they crashed on the planet Stygia. Sarrano is a man with a mean appetite for war and power, and he'll stop at nothing to achieve both.

    As the mighty leader of the Central Confederate Unit of Resolution (CCUR), Sarrano was once considered the most powerful man in the entire star system. Now, Sarrano is just a man trapped on a desolate planet filled with mutant cannibals and an angry ex-soldier hot on his heels.

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    Mad skills

    Gameplay in Bulletstorm on PlayStation 3 is all about creating the most elaborate enemy takedowns possible by chaining various attacks and combining the multitude of weapons throughout the lengthy single player campaign mode. These takedowns are called Skillshots, and the in-game reward for performing each one is called a Skillpoint.

    Weapons you'll have at your disposal include the Peacemaker Carbine, Screamer, Boneduster and the Bouncer. Combining these with your Leash - a device that allows you to grab an enemy from a distance and yank them towards you - is the key to mastering Bulletstorm.

    The Peacemaker, a standard issue military rifle, is your most trusted weapon so be sure to upgrade it as much as possible when you have the Skillpoints to hand. It remains in your arsenal throughout the entire campaign, and will more than likely end up saving your skin in the midst of a frantic shoot-out.

    Keep an eye open for Dropkits located throughout each of the maps. Once you've found them, press R2 to use your Leash and access the Dropkit. From here you'll be able to kit out your weapons with ammo and various enhancements including special Charge Shots, which can decimate enemies in an instant.

    For hints, tips and how to master the art of Skillshots check out our in-depth Play Like A Pro: Bulletstorm guide right here at eu.playstation.com.

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    Anarchy online

    Bulletstorm includes a number of multiplayer modes for you to sink your teeth into including a leaderboard based game called Echoes. Here, the goal is simple: take the number one spot on the leaderboard by blasting your way through a map using Skillshots and speed. If you want to play with friends via PlayStation Network then check out Bulletstorm's online co-operative multiplayer mode, Anarchy.

    The objective is to slay waves of enemies in the most outlandish ways possible alongside three of your friends or other players. Points you earn in each round are based on the difficulty of the Skillshots you and your teammates perform, which can then be used to upgrade your character and weapons between rounds. With 20 rounds to master, there's plenty of time for you to grab that high score.

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