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A new action heroine has arrived in the shape of Bayonetta. Revel in the over-the-top combat and discover that being bad never felt so good.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Platinum Games
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    • Control Bayonetta and her wealth of weapon and magic based attacks
    • Engage in intense over-the-top action in extreme environments
    • Experience a responsive combat engine that gives you total control over the fluid movement of the character
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    Flying you to the moon

    From its stylish opening movie introducing you to the game, Bayonetta knows how to dazzle you. Developer Platinum Games cleverly throws you into a majestic scene soon after its intro to offer a taste of what you'll be playing. Within minutes you're fighting dozens of angels on top of a crumbling clock tower as you dramatically fall towards your doom.

    It is a spectacular opening which sets the standard for the rest of the game, which will bombard you with epic moments wrapped up in flashy visuals and music. Whether it's within its cutscenes or gameplay, Bayonetta's presentation carries an undeniable sense of style, from its remix of Frank Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon, to its dramatic use of slow motion and special effects to make you feel empowered during the striking fight sequences.

    While strictly for adults, Bayonetta doesn't take itself too seriously. There are many memorable moments such as battling on top of a crashing plane, hacking at a giant flying demon as it tries to shake you off a broken bridge and duelling with fists and magic across the walls and ceiling of an ancient temple, yet there's also a strong sense of humour.

    Platinum Games' impressive title is glitzy and its tongue-in-cheek nature makes it as entertaining to watch as it is to play.

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    She'll put a spell on you

    Bayonetta doesn't know who she truly is, and it's your job to help her find out. After a 500-year sleep at the bottom of a lake, the powerful witch finds herself with little knowledge of her former life beyond loose strands. So begins a quest to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of her memory and what led her to sleeping with the fishes.

    Thankfully, even after the trauma of a long nap, Bayonetta has retained a cheeky and fun sense of humour which makes her an engaging character. Attired with mystical shape-shifting hair that manages to double as both her clothing and a form of weaponry, Bayonetta's abilities are outrageously spectacular. From extravagant gunplay to world altering magic, there's a flexibility and visually alluring range to explore, accompanying other useful abilities such as the Witch Walk to venture across vertical surfaces.

    Along with a large number of angels to fight against, Bayonetta also has entertaining relationships with her informant Enzo, and famed weaponsmith Rodin, who owns lounge bar, The Gates of Hell. As well as serving a mean cocktail, Rodin also sells weapons, treasure, power boosting accessories, useful items, and new techniques to aid the witch on her way.

    However, the most mysterious character in Bayonetta's path is Jeanne, a blonde haired witch who boasts similar powers. Is she the key to unravelling the secrets of the past?

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    Making magical mayhem

    Intensity, fluidity and a very large amount of style - these are the core elements of Bayonetta's gameplay which keep you coming back for more. Sega's action adventure romp is a slickly created and smoothly flowing blast of fresh air which concentrates on giving you over the top entertainment that constantly surprises.

    As a superpowered witch with a keen sense of flair, Bayonetta is capable of a large number of moves which are easy to perform, powerful and, most importantly for the fashion conscious, look great. With handguns equipped to both feet and hands, a stunning array of kicks and punches and the ability to string these intricate moves into rewarding combinations, your control over Bayonetta is brilliantly diverse and intuitive.

    It's wonderfully easy to switch between a one-two kick attack before prompting her into a handstand which allows bullets to fly from the witch's gun-totting stilettos, then ending with a punishing finishing move to despatch her foes. Better still are a number of special attacks, such as the Wicked Weave, which uses Bayonetta's versatile hair as a conduit to summon demonic entities.

    With so many ways to tackle the large number of mystical enemies, Bayonetta's fighting style can be tailored to your desire, giving the bulk of its gameplay a personal flavour. You'll also enjoy some exploring, puzzle solving and retro styled mini-games.

    Overflowing with a mischievous sense of fun, well designed action and brilliantly inventive and imposing boss enemies which are a joy to fight against, Bayonetta's gameplay will bewitch you.

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