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จัดจำหน่ายแล้ว 25/10/2019

    Grab your sword, don your armour and earn your place as a true undead hero.

    Sword swinging, perilous puzzles and enchanting environments are brought back to life in this full remake of the original PlayStation action-adventure. Step into the bones of Sir Daniel Fortesque, an inept—and long-dead—knight accidentally resurrected by the evil sorcerer Zarok, 100 years after his embarrassing demise.

    With the kingdom of Gallowmere under threat by Zarok's demon hordes, only the skeletal Sir Dan stands in his way. A second chance for the toothy grinned, undead adventurer is at hand — can you defeat Zarok and grant Sir Dan the honour he lost in the flesh?  

    Key features

    Stunning new visuals

    Witness the glory of Gallowmere given a complete, head-spinning PS4 makeover full of enhanced visual detail and personality — and in eye-popping 4K on PS4 Pro.

    Classic gameplay, reimagined

    Make full use of the improved camera system and a variety of weapons, including enchanted swords and gigantic hammers, to fend off the likes of boulder-spitting gargoyles, werewolves and zombies.

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    MediEvil: Demo (English Ver.)

      MediEvil (English)

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      MediEvil Digital Deluxe Edition (English)

      • MediEvil
      • Golden Super Armor
      • Digital Artbook
      • Digital Comic
      • Soundtrack
      • Dynamic Theme