Crow Country

SFB Games Limited
  • Obsługa grania offline
  • 1 gracz
  • Obsługa funkcji Gra zdalna
  • Wersja na PS5
    Obsługa funkcji wibracji (kontroler bezprzewodowy DualSense)

What is Crow Country?

An atmospheric, PS1 era-inspired survival horror.

The creators of celebrated point-and-click murder mystery Tangle Tower return with a retro-inspired survival horror set in an abandoned theme park.

The year is 1990 and Edward Crow, the owner of the Crow Country theme park, is missing. Two years after he suddenly closed his park, a mysterious young woman called Mara Forest arrives to explore the abandoned property and find its lost owner.

Why did Crow really shut down Crow Country and what is Mara Forest’s connection to him?

Crow Country key features

A terrifying tale

Explore a richly atmospheric and deeply sinister environment filled with engaging puzzles, memorable characters and deadly aberrations.

Enjoy the ride

If you’d prefer to experience the creepy atmosphere of Crow Country with no fear of being attacked, Exploration Mode gives you the option to explore and enjoy the unfolding story without combat.

Classic survival horror

Old and new combine, with a look and game elements inspired by the survival horror greats of the PlayStation 1 era. Use modern controls or opt for authentic, traditional 'tank' controls.