Budget Cuts Ultimate

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Disponible 01/06/2023
  • Compatible con juego offline
  • 1 jugador
  • Versión para PS5
    PlayStation VR2 obligatorio
  • Mandos PS VR2 Sense obligatorios
  • Estilos de juego de RV: sentado, de pie y escala de habitación
  • Vibración del casco PlayStation VR2 opcional
  • Vibración del mando PS VR2 Sense opcional

What is Budget Cuts Ultimate?

Take on TransCorp in the definitive edition of the VR stealth action adventure.

Budget Cuts Ultimate fuses together Budget Cuts and Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency into a seamless adventure. Created exclusively for virtual reality, this action-adventure stealth game pits you against the deadly efficiency robots of your former employer TransCorp.

Sneak your way through TransCorps’ offices, warehouses, factories and secret departments, using your TransLocator to teleport from hiding spot to hiding spot. Find makeshift weapons and robot-puncturing knives to distract and destroy, or use the environment to stay concealed and avoid confrontations.

Scour your surroundings for hidden collectibles to add to your trophy case, and look out for environmental clues that will help you solve cunning puzzles. Show TransCorp they fired the wrong human.

Budget Cuts Ultimate key features

The essential Budget Cuts experience

Features all 13 levels of both Budget Cuts 1 and 2 combined into a seamless adventure, as well as all weapons, enemy types, game modes, arcade levels and modifiers.

Test your skills in the arcade

Take on five highly replayable levels in Arcade mode. Try to keep the cost of your mission low as you aim for the high score across three difficulty settings.

Improvised weaponry

Knives aren't your only form of defence; discover crystals, bow and arrows, grenades and a variety of throwable blunt objects to create distractions.

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