The UnderGarden™

  • PS3

Make flowers, not war as you explore the hypnotic realm of The UnderGarden.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Developer: Vitamin G
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    • Wander the wondrous depths of an iridescent underground world bursting with eye-catching style, innovative adventures and a Zen-sational score.
    • Solve inspired puzzles and collect exotic artefacts as you reveal 14 subterranean secrets in each of the unique and visually stunning levels.
    • Relax to the soothing music and explore The UnderGarden with a friend in two player adventures.
    The UnderGarden screenshot

    Magnificent and mesmerising

    From start to finish, The UnderGarden is a visual delight. In the hub, you can float around and get a feel for how your character moves and feels. It is here that you'll find the game's levels, each located in its own cave which will blossom once it has been fully explored.

    Even if you're not a keen gardener, there is something undeniably beautiful and compelling about effortlessly gliding through these realms and creating huge batches of hypnotic flowers. You'll come across a few air vents in The UnderGarden, which will whip you through tunnels and caves involuntarily. This is the perfect time to stack up on pollen and watch as your underground lair comes to fluorescent life in merely a few seconds.

    As well as helping flowers to blossom and changing their colour, musicians also provide an appropriately soothing soundtrack to accompany your mesmerising journey. This calming music works in perfect harmony with the relaxing gameplay to create an intriguing, compelling experience in a magnificent, tranquil setting.

    The UnderGarden screenshot

    Under the sea

    The UnderGarden takes you deep into an underwater realm to explore fascinating caverns as an extraordinary little sea creature. You begin life in the game's hub, lovingly designed to replicate one of the many levels. The first of these will guide you through the basics and introduce you to the weird and wonderful things that lie ahead.

    At first glance the mysterious caves appear bare and lifeless, and you can change that by pollinating any roots or stems you see growing. Simply glide past a pollen plant to release its goodness, then make your way past the tiny shoots and watch them instantly blossom into beautiful, colourful plants and flowers. This is the aim of the game - bring The UnderGarden to life and bask in its picturesque glory.

    Within its depths, The UnderGarden houses more wonders and mysteries for you to explore. Tiny musicians play instruments that help the foliage to bloom - you can pick these little guys up and take them with you to encourage the mesmerising plant life to blossom. Once fully grown, some of the flowers can be picked and used to help you solve puzzles to reach other areas. Use them as lights, weights and bombs to change the environment and revel in new and exquisite underwater regions.

    Each level presents enchanting new challenges that entertain without ever becoming a chore. No enemies live in The UnderGarden - you can't die or get hurt, so take each level at your own pace and explore your amazing surroundings.

    The UnderGarden screenshot

    Perfect partnership

    The UnderGarden features a local co-op mode so that two players can explore the extensive underwater realm together. Once your partner enters the game, you can float through levels and pollinate plants, solve puzzles and interact with your amazing surroundings as a duo.

    Both enchanting little sea creatures will have the same powers and will be able to collect pollen, pick up musicians and manipulate the environment using the fluorescent plant life. Your partner will never be far away, and will warp back to your side if he or she strays too far.

    Each character will be able to customise their appearance with items earned in both single and multiplayer modes. Change their colours, give them cute little horns or create a completely charming look with a tiny top hat and moustache.

    It's wonderful to see two of these beautiful, mystical creatures at once, working together to make their shimmering world even more fascinating.

    Download The UnderGarden from PlayStation Store today and experience a unique and mesmerising adventure on your PlayStation 3.

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