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Snuggle up with the best cozy games on PS4 and PS5

This thoughtfully curated selection of peaceful and life-affirming games will help you unwind, de-stress and generally chill out.

Cozy life simulations

Live your dream life

Settle down somewhere far from the stresses and demands of the daily grind. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Live among Disney and Pixar characters in a world of your design. Restore magic to a land blighted by the Forgetting and unlock themed Realms that will bring more familiar faces to your neighbourhood.

Stardew Valley

As the newest member of Pelican Town’s community, you’ll build the farm, the home and perhaps even the family of your dreams. This cozy life simulator is an irresistible blend of RPG, farming and dating game.

Cozy Grove

A haunted island might not sound particularly cozy, but the ghostly residents of Cozy Grove just want to make friends. Set up camp on this painterly island, soothe restless spirits and restore colour to their home.

Grow: Song of the Evertree

This relaxing sandbox game gives you the power to create and nurture entire worlds. Take time to explore beautiful environments, gather materials, catch fish and bugs, and restore the Evertree to its former glory.

Slime Rancher

Leave Earth far, far behind to start a new life on a mysterious planet populated by adorable slimes. Explore a huge world and use your versatile vacpack to gather the slimes and resources needed to make your fortune.

Cozy exploration games

Discover fantastical worlds

Take a welcome break from reality and venture into unfamiliar realms that will fill you with wonder.


Ponder an ancient mystery as a playful kitty in this thoughtful adventure game. Slink and scratch your way through a neon-lit cyberpunk city, making friends with amusing androids along the way.


Dive into a serene underwater odyssey and explore the depths of the ocean of wisdom. Lose yourself to this meditative and mystical journey as you swim with whales, turtles and guppies galore.


Become ferrymaster to those who have passed on, in this emotional, hand-drawn adventure. Upgrade your vessel, forge meaningful relationships with spirits seeking closure, and explore the open seas of the afterlife.


Let your guard down and embrace your imagination in a curiosity-rewarding playground. Unwind with the Long Mover, a swooping, looping kite-snake, as you explore and experiment your way around a colourful, surreal world.

Creative cozy games

Express yourself

Enjoy the freedom to unleash your imagination and let your artistic side flourish.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Engage your inner artist with this unique hybrid of adventure and colouring book. As the new Wielder, use your magic brush to solve puzzles, create art and inspire the charming citizens of Picnic Provence.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

In this blocky sandbox spin-off from the iconic JRPG series, you’ll plunge into a comforting world and become a master of architectural expression. Rebuild fantasy lands with your friends in tow and let your creativity shine.


Shape your wildest dreams into playable reality with this remarkable creative engine. Join a welcoming global community of creatives and draw inspiration from an ever-growing universe of imagination.


Snap pictures of local phenomena while soothing beats fill your ears. This snuggly shutterbug adventure will take you to endearing, diorama-like towns full of quirky locals as you journey to a mystical mountain.

Short cozy games

Short and sweet

Bite-sized outings that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

A Short Hike

Reconnect with nature from the comfort of your sofa in this charming, award-winning adventure. Climb, soar and chat your way across Hawk Peak Provincial Park’s mountainous landscape as you journey to its summit.


Find comfort in organization in this zen puzzle game. Experience a lifetime of moving into new homes, with a unique narrative told through the objects you unpack that will renew your appreciation for your own long-held belongings.


Wrap up in a blanket and lose yourself to the magic of nature. This soothing puzzle-platformer charms with its gorgeous hand-painted art, inspiring orchestral soundtrack and loveable creatures.

Behind The Frame: The Finest Scenery

A picture paints a thousand words in this lavishly animated piece of interactive fiction. Packed with light puzzles that are as satisfying as they are calming, this is a touching, inspirational tale not to be missed.

Cozy narrative games

Wrap yourself up in a snug story

Lose yourself in this collection of comforting tales.

A Memoir Blue

Explore new storytelling depths as you dive into this interactive poem that follows a champion swimmer’s turbulent childhood. Recommended for fans of gripping family dramas and magical realism.

Night in the Woods    

Embrace autumn no matter the season with this touching, critter-led caper. Sporting a colour palette like a pumpkin spice latte, this cozy classic puts you in the paws of college dropout Mae as she returns to her hometown.

I Am Dead

From the creators of Hohokum comes a disarming, life-affirming adventure about what awaits us after death. Gorgeously rendered, touching and refreshingly laidback, this is a meditative must.

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